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RPC Llantrisant Bottle Is The 'Finest' Choice for Tesco

RPC Containers Llantrisant has confirmed its ability to supply exceptional packaging solutions from challenging design briefs, with the supply of a 1.5 litre PET bottle for the Tesco Finest Juice range.

Manufactured for Tesco by Orchard House Foods, the Finest Juice brand comprises a range of healthy fruit flavours, available in different bottle sizes to suit consumer demand. Tesco took the decision to change the brand packaging in order to take advantage of PET’s lighter weight and ability to incorporate up to 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.

Orchard House developed the 1.5 litre size in co-operation with RPC Llantrisant, an existing supplier who Orchard House trusts to deliver exceptional quality and service. The bottle design takes into account a number of complex logistical factors.

A key consideration was that the bottle shape would allow it to be supplied in multiples of four in shelf-ready packaging (SRP) cartons, as required by Tesco. The bottle height also had to be carefully managed to ensure that it fits comfortably onto Tesco shelves.

At the same time, the bottle is designed to be compatible with RPC’s existing preforms and Orchard House’s filling lines for optimum efficiency. The overall appearance reflects Orchard House’s desire for strong family branding across its core bottle range.

The injection stretch blow moulded bottle uses a 50/50 mix of clear virgin grade PET and PCR content in order to assist the environmental profile of the bottle. Vivid labels further enhances its appeal.

“We are delighted with RPC Llantrisant’s commitment to delivering an eye-catching and practical bottle solution,” comments Eileen Noble, Purchasing Manager at Orchard House Foods. “Their manufacturing skill has ensured that the challenging design brief has been met without compromising on quality or functionality.”