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Superfos expands in Africa

For more than a year Superfos has been working with packaging producer Galion Tunis on opening a new factory in Algiers. This will strengthen the company’s current position on the markets in North Africa

Galion Tunis, of which Superfos owns 45 percent, has through its subsidiary established a new factory in Algiers. The Algerian factory opened in May 2009 and both companies consider it a win-win to work closely together on getting the Algerian factory up and running.

“Africa is a market with a strong potential and the partnership between Superfos and Galion aims at gaining additional market share on the African continent. Exchange of know-how in the areas such as manufacturing excellence and product development will support the growth of both our companies and strengthen our possibilities for further expansion in the Northern and Western part of Africa,” Regional Director from Superfos Jean-Marc Vuillot states.

Growth strategy for African markets
Galion was established in 1991 and is the leading manufacturer of injection moulded plastic packaging in Tunisia supplying packaging solutions for both food and non-food purposes. Superfos decided to enter a partnership with Galion in 1991, and strengthened its ownership in Galion in 2007 by an increase to 45 percent. This was part of Superfos’ growth strategy for the fast growing emerging markets in Africa and particular in North and West Africa.

The factory delivers 5 million pieces a year on the actual set-up and is close to being fully utilized.