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ECO EIT™ and ECO Booster™: Sidel is launching its first ECO Services to respond to bottlers’ and bottle manufacturers’ economic and environmental concerns.

How does one ensure profitable use of production capacities, while also reducing environmental impact? The answer is just three letters long: ECO.
At Drinktec, Sidel launched a new family of products and services, that is aimed at helping bottlers and bottle manufacturers improve the productivity of their equipment in a demanding business context, while also delivering better environmental performance.
The first two ECO Services, ECO EIT™ and ECO Booster™, help reduce the impact of packaging materials (lightweighting, use of recycled materials, etc.), decrease water and energy consumption as well as waste and emissions.
ECO EIT™: Quantify in order to manage energy consumption better
This new module for the EIT™ (Efficiency Improvement Tool) supervisory system uses measurement equipment 24/7 to record data about energy consumption (air, water, electricity, gas, etc.) for a machine, a zone, an entire line or even the whole plant. This unique solution facilitates correlation between consumption levels and the different steps of production: start-up, effective production, product changeover, cleaning, shutdown, etc.
ECO EIT™ generates detailed consumption reports and presents the costs of the energy resources used, which can be exported to other systems such as ERPs. The information delivered by ECO EIT™ can be used to detect variations or peak consumption. It provides support for users who are looking to reduce consumption levels and to optimize energy costs during production.

ECO EIT™ is available alone or as a complement for EIT™.
ECO Booster™: Eco-efficiency of blow molders
The ECO Booster™ offer for SBO Series1, SBO Series2 and SBO UniversalTM blow molders is used to measure and reduce machine energy consumption. This new service includes improvements in the machine configuration and optimization of the package production process and of the package itself, thanks to Sidel's unmatched experience in this field. ECO Booster™ is of particular importance when one considers that the blow molder alone accounts for 70% of energy consumption on a complete line, with compressed air for bottle blowing representing nearly 70% of blow molder consumption by itself.

The principle: an ECO Booster™ expert conducts an in situ audit. He or she measures electricity consumption, air pressure and leaks, and performs mechanical testing on all sub-assemblies of the blow molder. The expert also checks the process and the technical qualities of the package, the quality of the blow air and cooling water and inspects the general production environment for the machine.
Step two: based on the audit and measurements performed by the ECO Booster expert, the potential for energy and cost savings is estimated, along with the return on investment for the proposed corrective actions. Those actions are customized, with joint servicing operations on the blow molder, the process and the package. A servicing schedule is also proposed and discussed.
Step three: in addition to the expert's intervention which covers all improvement areas, energy consumption monitoring and process control tools can be put in place. An ECO sticker is then placed on the blow molder, which helps raise awareness among production staff.
The ECO Services family will expand over time, as further proof of Sidel's commitment to combine business competitiveness with environmental protection.