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Linerless labeling is experiencing a revival of interest in the light of the packaging industry's focus on sustainability and reduced costs.   In response, market research and consulting firm AWA Alexander Watson Associates has published a timely evaluation of the current market and technology characteristics of linerless labeling:  The Linerless Label Market:  a market overview of current and future opportunities.    

A new title in AWA's concise AWAreness™ Reports series, the study provides a focused insight into the current, developing technology platform;  the markets where linerless labels are successfully used today; issues and challenges for converters and users of linerless labels;  and future opportunities.    

Says Corey M Reardon, President and CEO of AWA Alexander Watson Associates:  'Everyone involved in the labeling value chain, particularly in self-adhesive labeling, can benefit from an awareness of the capabilities of linerless labels, which represent both an opportunity to extend the market for self-adhesive labels, and a threat to traditional linered labelstocks.   Our new report is designed to provide a 'snapshot' of the current status for anyone interested in exploring the technology's possibilities — manufacturer, raw material supplier, converter or printer, and label user.'  

Full details of The Linerless Label Market:  a market overview of current and future opportunities are available via the AWA Alexander Watson Associates website,, where it is also possible to order the report online.