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Avery Dennison Roll Materials Europe has introduced a 23 micron PET release liner to its Fasson self-adhesive labelstock product range — the thinnest PET liner available in the marketplace. The launch of Fasson PET23, says Avery Dennison, is aimed at extending the use of film liners into a much broader arena than the clear-on-clear-film 'no-label look' applications for which they are already the accepted solution. Fasson PET23 offers practical advantages for label conversion, high-speed dispensing, and liner recycling. It is a key initiative in the continuing pursuit of productivity and sustainability improvements by Avery Dennison to deliver the best possible total applied cost for self-adhesive labels for both label converters and end users.

Partnering both film and paper facestocks

Fasson PET23 is launched initially with two Fasson film facestocks — Fasson PP Light Top Clear and White — as well as a paper facestock, the multi-purpose Fasson MC Primecoat.

All three labelstock constructions benefit from the physical characteristics of the Fasson PET23 film liner. On the narrow-web press, it brings crisp, accurate diecutting and matrix-stripping. In label dispensing, it does away with time-consuming web breaks, and gives accurate, fast label application. At the end of its working life, Fasson PET23 release liner is also fully and simply recyclable — complete with its silicone release coating.


The extra-low caliper of Fasson PET23 delivers additional benefits. Thinner liner means more labels can be printed per reel of labelstock, making for fewer reel changes, reduced press downtime, less energy usage, and less space required for unconverted/converted stock. The same applies to label dispensing on the packaging line. These are cost-saving elements that also contribute in the sustainability arena, says Avery Dennison, by reducing the cost of waste management, which can be a significant item in the total applied cost of a self-adhesive label.

Pointing the way to the future

Henrik Kajueter, Vice President, Marketing, for Avery Dennison Roll Materials Europe, comments: 'This is a real Fasson innovation. We believe that, by introducing our very thin Fasson PET23 release liner for general labelling applications, we are genuinely pointing the way to the future. Fasson PET23 liner creates a win-win situation for converters and brand owners alike, and for the environment — both in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness. That's true not just for film-on-film labelstocks but also, as we are proving by offering our most popular paper face stock with Fasson PET23, also for high-volume paper label applications.'

Trialling the new materials

Avery Dennison Roll Materials Europe is encouraging label converters, and their brand owner customers, to trial the new labelstocks with Fasson PET23 release liner in traditional, everyday applications where a glassine liner would be the standard choice. Sample rolls, technical advice, and detailed product data are available from sales representatives, or visit the website at