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Astonish label products with a Pago machine

The London Refining Company is a Leeds based family firm that has been producing high quality cleaning products for over 35 years. Astonish manufactures their environmentally friendly products in a purpose built UK site which are now sold in over 50 countries worldwide. They are committed to launching new products at reasonable cost in fully recyclable packaging. They have purchased a PAGOsystem to apply front, back and wraparound labels, at an output of up to 80 containers per minute. The machine designed for product flowing left to right, it applies the wraparound label by the front PAGOmat. The 2 litre detergent bottle has front and back labels, and the 500 ml hand wash bottle has wraparound labels.
The machine is constructed from a robust aluminium extruded base frame with integral frame members that in turn provide the mounting for various auxiliary modules. The base has a stainless steel top and end covers that enclose the base frame. A single belt 2575mm conveyor assembly with side guides constructed from a stainless steel ensures smooth running of the product, during labelling.

A twin pitching mechanism places the containers prior to entering the top hold ready for labelling, adjustable speed can vary the pitch of the product. A chain orientation mechanism holds the product from both sides, a pressure pad ensures a constant clamping force along the length of the top hold, allowing for slight variations in container height.
Two PAGOmat 6/2A 230 labelling heads mounted to the front and rear of the machine include a quick action label unwind unit with tension control and unwind break. A mechanical label gap sensor is suitable for clear labels, an optical sensor starts the PAGOmat labelling cycle from a fixed position. Unit supports, engineered in Colchester for the Pago Group, provide a solid and rigid mounting for the Pagomat, with full adjustment to position the PAGOmat to match the container. Height adjustment and universal tilt movements are adjustable by hand wheels and swivel adjustment changes the angle of label approach to the container. A fan box assists the after roll, holding the trailing end of label prior to application to reduce any spiralling effect of label on container.
The machine is versatile, able to label a range of the highly concentrated and efficient products that Astonish manufacture.
Astonish said "We are delighted with the Pago label applicator installed, this allows precise production of the items we manufacture, ease of change over for the operators - without the need for regular maintenance."

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