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BOBST iQ 300: Quality Control System. The 100% protection firewall!

In the world of flexo printing, the time taken in setting and adjusting a production run is a key factor when it comes to evaluating productivity. On top of this, returned orders affect the reputation of a company and increase its costs.

With these issues in mind, BOBST brings to the market the iQ 300, an innovative, high performance, quality control system. iQ 300 makes it possible to guarantee that 100% of the production form a flexo printer meets the quality standards set by the customer, while simultaneously cutting setting times and reducing waste. 

Detection of a 3 mm2 defect in corrugated board running at 12,000 sheets per hour
Thanks to the high level technology employed by BOBST, the iQ 300 quality control system detects a wide range of print defects down to just 3mm2 in size. iQ 300 can be used on board ranging from microflute to double wall, in sizes up to 1300 x 2100 mm, and on presses running at speeds of up to 12,000 sheets per hour. Sheets containing elements identified as defective are automatically ejected, signaled, or ignored by the press, according to the settings defined for the detection zone the defects occur in and the level of quality chosen by the operator. All this occurs in real time.

The advanced technology of the iQ 300 makes it possible to detect a wide range of defects including:
  • damage to, and defects in, the sheet surface
  • ink trails, water stains, or marks
  • poor ‘on-the-run’ adjustment
  • variations in color tonality
  • variations in the wash board effect
  • repetitive defects.
Simple, fast startup
Setting and operation of the iQ 300 is intuitive, simple, and fast, thanks to its touch screen interface. For a new order it takes just a few minutes for the operator to precisely define the zonal areas required and enter the desired sensitivity settings for each. These settings are then recorded for quick retrieval when the job repeats.

Swiss Technology
The whole gamut of BOBST technology and skills were brought together to develop the technology that iQ 300 is based upon, technology that has become the benchmark for BOBST printing in the demanding cigarette packaging industry. Now the same technology is available for corrugated board flexo post-print.

The iQ 300 system is built around two high definition cameras which scan the entire sheet. The analysis system is designed for the ultra high rate of data flow received from the cameras during production and features:
  • a real time view of the process
  • the ability to zoom in on an indicated defect
  • storage of data for later study.
The use of the latest LED technology ensures the longevity of the optical elements and the whole system is robustly constructed, including the use of ducting to protect it from dust and water intrusion. iQ 300 can be specified on new BOBST print lines and can be retrofitted to older BOBST flexo printing presses and those of some other manufacturers.

BOBST iQ 300, the essential final filter, verifies your production and ensures you meet the quality needs of even the most demanding end-users.

Source:  Bobst Group

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