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China Soft Packaging Group acquires Brückner lines

Nowadays it`s common knowledge that the days go smoothly when Brückner and a customer join forces to successfully start a new film production line. This was once again proven when China Soft Packaging Group recently went on stream with their 8.2m BOPP line in Xinxiang City, Henan province. Excellent quality film on the winder only six hours after start-up – and from then on after a continuous production was achieved. A decisive step for the enhancement of the packaging industry in Central China, and also proof of the smooth teamwork during the whole undertaking.
In total, China Soft Packaging Group (part of the Fuzhou Jingcheng Group) has ordered six large output, high performance Brückner BOPP lines for their locations in Fuzhou and Henan. Two of them are already successfully producing high quality BOPP film, the third one will be started in summer 2010.

Mr. Weng Shengjin, Board Chairman, says: “The packaging industry is still the sunrise industry in the world, BOPP film is the main product for packaging applications and China`s BOPP industry will further develop.  Due to our comprehensive investment we will be ready for a leading position within this industry. Our first two projects with Brückner have clearly demonstrated that this partnership will pave our way to the top.”

Source:  Brückner

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