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Fujifilm launches Web-to-Print functionality for its XMF cross-media workflow

Fujifilm today announces that it has added web-to-print capabilities to its industry-leading XMF workflow solution, in a move that reaffirms its commitment to helping printers manage both offset and digital print production environments. Fujifilm’s philosophy of offering `best-of-breed´ solutions and choice has been realised in this case thanks to XMF’s open JDF and Pure PDF architecture, with the EFI Digital Storefront now supported through XMF.

The addition of these benchmark web-to-print solutions to the recently announced refinements in XMF v3.0 means that XMF is now one of the most comprehensive workflow platforms for managing integrated production. The benefits of ultra-fast productivity thanks to its Pure PDF architecture, comprehensive feature-set (including remote functionality and 3D virtual proofing capability) and now a web-to-print capability make XMF the leading workflow platform

John Davies, business strategy manager, workflow, FUJIFILM Europe, comments, ``Providing web-to-print functionality at the front end of our XMF workflow has been of huge importance as it allows us to offer printers an even greater choice of how they conduct business with their customers. EFI provides an excellent web-to-print solution and we are delighted to be partnering with them.´´

The addition of a web-to-print front-end to XMF not only provides printers with an online ordering system that is available 24/7, but it streamlines the way many different print services are ordered by their clients. This includes new print work, reprints or complementary services such as print distribution.

``The phrase `web-to-print´ often underplays the benefits that an online portal brings to a print company. In addition to online ordering, printers can take advantage of a marketing platform, an additional business transaction system and, for certain types of work, access to markets they would otherwise not address, generating new revenue streams,´´ concludes Davies.

At Ipex 2010, Fujifilm will be demonstrating a fully integrated web-to-print capability utilising EFI’s Digital Storefront and XMF, and outputting work to either offset or digital print platforms depending on customer choice.

Fujifilm’s XMF suite of workflow solutions manages the whole range of print production requirements including online job submission and approval via XMF Remote, print management via XMF Production Workflow, and web- to-print job procurement through its partnership with EFI. XMF is unique in being built from the ground up around JDF and the Adobe PDF Print Engine. With Fujifilm’s image processing, imposition and intelligent automation technologies built-in, the XMF workflow suite improves the control of quality across multiple print processes, increasing efficiency and productivity, ensuring colour consistency and optimising print production.

Award-winning Digital StoreFront enables print service providers to create a unique shopping experience for their customers, allowing them to shop, specify, proof and buy print products using Internet e-commerce tools they are familiar with. For the print service provider, Digital StoreFront acts as an on-ramp to the digital production workflow and print management, reducing data re-entry, lessening print errors, and reducing labour costs.

Source: Fuji Film

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