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Greener THINflex®

FLEXcon has reengineered THINflex® PP 160 HC TC-332® to include a .92-mil PET liner, TRACrite® 92.
This 1.6-mil clear BOPP film offers a 20 percent reduction over the standard 2.0-mil clear product commonly used today. The TRACrite 92 liner also offers a reduction of 8 to 24 percent depending on the current liner used. These changes offer a more cost-effective product and greener material eductions, while maintaining the high-performance capabilities required for food, beverage, and prime label applications.
This polypropylene film achieves the same high-quality print receptivity for the crisp clarity needed for the no-label look applications. The PET liner is recyclable and FLEXcon works directly with third-party recyclers, like P.M. Recycling, who assist printers and brand owners in developing programs to collect and reuse these materials.
THINflex films are ideal for food and beverage, health and beauty, and household and chemical labeling applications. When coated with the appropriate adhesive, V-882 for prime labels applications and A-208 for food and beverage, the films offer excellent resistance to shrinkage, moisture, humidity, and product contents.
V-882 is a high-performance, permanent acrylic adhesive that has good wet-out characteristics and adheres to a wide range of container types, including low-surface energy plastics.
A-208 is a permanent acrylic adhesive specifically designed for beverage labeling. It bonds well to glass and high-surface energy plastics and withstands the temperature extremes of pasteurization and ice chest.
THINflex PP 160 HC TC-332 is one of FLEXcon’s many solutions for brand owners who demand cutting-edge upscale label graphics that command greater shelf presence and help generate brand loyalty. In addition to providing eye-catching appeal, this product endures the wear and tear of filling lines, withstands the temperature extremes seen in food and beverage labeling, and meets reduced “time-tomarket” demands. Film solutions easily conform and bond to a variety of container shapes and types making them an excellent choice for labeling needs.

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