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Krones hits the ground running with Kosme

Something else that’s unfamiliar: the hitherto invariably blue Krones logo will in future be found in orange as well, to denote the Kosme subsidiary.
At the beginning of 2009, Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, increased its holding in Kosme S.R.L., Roverbella, Italy, to 100 per cent. Under the umbrella brand of Kosme – comprising Kosme GmbH in Austria and Kosme s.r.l. in Italy – the Krones group, the world’s market leader for beverage and filling and packaging technology in the medium and high-speed segments, is now additionally offering a complete range of lines for the low output range as well.
As a visible symbol of this shared identity, the subsidiary Kosme has now, in the spring of 2010, also been given the well-known logo of the group’s parent company, while still retaining its corporate colour of orange. This conveniently differentiates the Austro-Italian subsidiary, but also denotes the group affiliation.
Kosme Italy focuses primarily on labelling, filling, packaging and conveyor technologies. In terms of complete lines, Kosme concentrates on an output range of up to approximately 18,000 containers an hour. Kosme Austria is responsible for developing and manufacturing stretch blow-moulding technology.
“In the past, we had to give due consideration to the wishes of the minority shareholder”, explains Deputy Executive Board Chairman Hans-Jürgen Thaus, now that the company is a wholly-owned subsidiary. The ongoing aim is to optimise the processes involved and to further improve the product portfolio. Hans-Jürgen Thaus is confident “that so far at Kosme we have tapped into only a fraction of the market.”
Kosme will also be able to work together with Krones AG in research and development, so that it can incorporate empirical feedback from Krones’ field-proven technology in its own products. In addition, Kosme’s customers can also use Krones’ worldwide Life-Cycle Service.

Source: Krones
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