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SIPA exceed a new technological limit with design and industrialization of a 1500 ml bottle size.
The last SIPA development in water sector brings to the market another step towards cost effectiveness, lightweight and technology development particularly needed in the water market: the lightest bottles in the worldproduced, filled and labelled in the SIPA Tribloc technology. This innovative system was presented for the first time at last Drinktec. We are talking about a 1500ml bottle for flat or carbonated mineral water at 22g blown in SIPA rotary blow-moulders at 2000 bph per cavity and filled and labeled in the new SIPA TriBloc including the innovative PE roll-adhesive labeler (another breakthrough in this industry). For a valuable Greek customer, SIPA has developed such champion bottle, 1.5L, 22g for flat and carbonated water, holding 60kg of top load and is supplying a complete turn-key line including a SIPA TriBloc and and a SIPA packaging and pallettising line. The TriBloc is the innovation that the market was waiting for, because it gives the following substantial advantages: - Neck handling of very light containers through the complete blowing-filling-labelling process. So, nobody will have to worry and think of conveyors changeovers, setting and management at each changeover. The line efficiency goes up tremendously; • The PE roll-adhesive technology eliminates all the burdens and headraces of hot melt glue and traditional label cutting knives. The efficiency of the line goes up tremendously • The packing line becomes much simpler since bottles are delivered from the TriBloc into table-top conveyors straight to the shrink packer, slowing down to easy low conveying speeds (quick line setting and high line efficiency) • The space required for such a line is reduced by 40% vs a conventional line; • One operator can take care of the complete line being assisted only by forklift drivers for raw materials supply. 

Source:  SIPA
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