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Lyft Visual Invests in Agfa’s :Dotrix Modular High-Speed Digital Press

Lyft Visual installs new technology including the :Dotrix Modular, the most productive digital press on the market

    Agfa Graphics announced today that recent installations of the :Dotrix Modular, the most productive digital press on the market, have provided excellent results for packaging and specialty printing companies around the globe and most recently Lyft Visual in Canada.
    Lyft Visual was established to provide full service digital capabilities that would complement the traditional offset packaging printing from Boehmer Box, Lyft's parent company. However, to be successful, this strategic vision required a powerful solution. A thorough and expansive search eventually led Lyft Visual to Agfa's :Dotrix Modular. Once management saw the :Dotrix Modular in action they quickly concluded it was the only viable solution in the marketplace that fit their current and future business needs.
    According to Mark Caines, CEO of Boehmer Box, ":Dotrix is the technology of the future, but it's available today! With the help of :Dotrix, Lyft is positioned to push the envelope. Whether it's regionalized jobs that require fast turnaround times or other short run printing jobs, :Dotrix provides the speed and quality we need. Because of our recent investments in technology, together Boehmer Box and Lyft Visual are the total package for the packaging industry! We are providing the capabilities and expertise that are in high demand by our customers and the marketplace."
    With Agfa's :Dotrix Modular, package and specialty printers are no longer required to utilize traditional or costly printing technology in order to achieve the high quality their customers demand. :Dotrix combines the highest quality, productivity and flexibility with the lowest cost of ownership. The unique printing width of 25.6 inches on the highly versatile :Dotrix can print on the widest variety of substrates, ranging from flexible foils such as HDPE, PET, PVC self-adhesives, board up to 24 point, banner stock and so much more. Its modular construction allows companies to add traditional flexo stations to the roll-to-roll configuration, serving as coating and varnishing alleys. In-line slitting, die cutting and sheeting modules can also be integrated to ensure it's fully customized to fit the needs of the operation.
    High quality, increased productivity, speed and versatility are a reality with the :Dotrix Modular as it enables packaging and specialty printers like Lyft Visual to produce a plethora of profit-generating applications and economically handle short run to medium runs.
    For more information about Lyft Visual, visit them on the web at For information on Boehmer Box, visit them on the web at

Source:  Agfa