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Reconciliation between ATN Industrie and DCM USIMECA

Both DCM Group companies develop and build Gravure printing presses, one for paper and cardboard, the other for flexible packaging films and laminates.
To take full advantage of natural synergies for engineering, purchasing, sales network and for quality customer service, the related departments of both companies have merged together in Nanterre on the DCM USIMECA site. Olivet (Orleans) plant remains the assembly and testing site for cardboard rotogravure printing presses and other machines in the ATN range.
The merging is legally done through a rental of the ATN activities to DCM USIMECA who becomes the sole legal and commercial entity.
This new structure will also enable to respond simply to international tenders of machines that combine the two ranges.
Alain FARAGO, former CEO of ATN is nominated as the head of the new consolidated company DCM USIMECA - ATN.

Source:  DCM

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