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Roller exchange and print unit inspection program launched by DG

DGpS launced their roller change and inspection program for Drent users in the Benelux area. “The key element in this program is preventive maintenance, machine reliability and uptime.” Frank Stoelinga, project manager within DGpS explains; “Within this program we are changing all compounded rollers in one printing unit and combine this with a thorough inspection of that same unit. We come by on a regular and planned base. The basic idea is that every printing unit has its combined roller exchange and health check once a year.” “Practically the procedure is as follows: in the first visit we will exchange all compounded rollers and bearings in the first unit. In the same time we do an intensive check of that printing unit as well. This will take only one day. In between the first and second visit the “old” rollers from unit 1 are compounded with the customers choice of compound / rubber supplier and prepared by DGpS for the second intervention on the second printing unit. This goes on until all units have new rollers and are inspected.“ The main advantage for the customer is trouble free and consistent production due to an effective structured preventive maintenance and roller exchange against low costs. While our inspection report secures on time early warning for potential problems at the same time. Now, only within 2 weeks after the start, already 4 customers signed up for this program. This illustrates that it is perceived as an effective method to assure print performance and machine reliability.” Frank Stoelinga concludes; “we are very confident that this program will generate a great pay off for our customers. Not only in terms of costs , but also in terms of uptime and print performance.“
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