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ARMetallizing completes integration process

ARMetallizing, announces that the merger process between its founding entities, Alupa and Rotoflex, has been successfully completed. The process, leading to the creation of the new leader in metallizing of paper and specialties, started in October 2009 and was accompanied by a structured integration process, touching all levels of the business. Today, the group acts globally as a single entity, led by a strong management team, operates two sites in Belgium and Italy, and is supported by an integrated agent network.
The integration of Alupa and Rotoflex has unlocked fundamental improvements in technology, processes and operations. From this platform, new methodologies and technologies are released, broadening the core markets from labels to packaging markets.
First quarter results of 2010 have confirmed the rationale for the merger, and the outlook for 2010 is strong. As Giancarlo Rossetto puts it: “order income is bullish, and way beyond what one could describe as ‘re-stocking’. This confirms the strong position metallized paper is taking in the various markets in which we are active, as well as the positive resonance of the new group”. Jost Orichel adds: “I detect a strong demand coming from non-traditional markets for vacuum metallized paper, where leading brand owners are excited about the environmental benefits our products have vis-à-vis alternatives such as foil or laminated paper. The solutions we bring, such as customized coatings, our fact base on environmental benefits and the on-going certifications of ARMetallizing, such as FSC greatly contribute to this.”