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Atlantic Zeiser Brings Innovation and New Business Opportunities to Industrial Digital Printing at FESPA

Atlantic Zeiser’s end-to-end system solution DIGILINE™, with full-color UV print engine GAMMA™, will be demonstrated at FESPA. Newly released DIGILINE™ Single Product offers the broadest integration range of printing modules for industrial digital printing, including profitable production of small batch sizes and late-stage customization of packages and products. 3M alliance for high-quality substrates.

Atlantic Zeiser Group, a leading innovator and technology supplier for digital narrow-format packaging and direct product printing processes, is to demonstrate its DIGILINE™ portfolio of innovative modular end-to-end system solutions at FESPA. On display will be the DIGILINE™ Single Product 210 with a full-color GAMMA 70P UV print module, as well as a conveyer system featuring the OMEGA™ 70HD print module, which is ideal for very short runs of direct product printing. The company will also showcase an application for top-quality printing on plastic rulers. FESPA takes place 22-26 June, and is being staged in Munich, Germany. Atlantic Zeiser can be found in Hall A1, Stand 315.

“Atlantic Zeiser will bring to FESPA an innovative portfolio of solutions that are ideal for industrial digital printing on labels, packages, booklet labels and transactional documents, as well as direct product printing for high-level and quality-oriented applications,” said Ralf Hipp, Vice President of Digital Systems. “We will show that on-screen, printing-focused applications can be covered today by industrial digital printing solutions.

“These end-to-end system solutions demonstrate the flexibility of our modular printing approach, and the versatile integration options with different modules. The DIGILINE series delivers increased productivity and flexibility, with low operating and consumption costs. This just-in-time production system reduces production and inventory costs for high-quality, four-color products.”

Product details

Atlantic Zeiser’s DIGILINE system solutions bring one-stop shopping to narrow and single-product printing operations. Their modular structure affords users extreme versatility by enabling the integration of various print modules to create a customized, end-to-end production process.  The DIGILINE series demonstrated at FESPA includes:

DIGILINE™ Single Product 210 with a GAMMA™ 70P UV printer is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications in the industrial digital printing market, helping users to increase productivity and profit margins. This new, highly versatile system is designed to print on a range of different product form factors, including 3D. It supports product widths from 10mm to 210mm at speeds up to 90 m/min. Optional features include print verification, PDF/VTx, anti-counterfeiting and track and trace for a full end-to-end small-batch, single-product marking system. DIGILINE™ Single Product 210 simplifies the process of late-stage package customization for packages and products with high-quality print requirements. Increased demand for late-stage package customization is driven by a number of factors. These include the need to reduce costs by operating with smaller production quantities to minimize storage capacities, and just-in-time supply with short reaction times, especially with packages marked with variable data, such as barcodes and product ingredient indications in different languages.


The GAMMA™ 70P full-color UV print engine incorporated in the DIGILINE™ series use special UV inks manufactured by Atlantic Zeiser to optimize printing on a wide range of substrates. Incorporated in various conveying systems, it brings offset-class printing quality and speed to the narrow printing market. The variable drop capability of the industrial-strength Xaar 1001 printhead consistently produces smooth tone graphics, fine detail, sharp text and barcodes to generate great results quickly, cost effectively and reliably. A choice of UV curing systems is also available to suit specific applications. These include Atlantic Zeiser's new eco-friendly SMARTCURE LED UV curing system for temperature-sensitive products. LED UV curing is especially suited to thin materials that can be damaged by heat used in traditional label-based UV curing.



The GAMMA™ 70P printer integrated in these system solutions is a premium model well suited for both pinning and wet-on-wet for sharp texts, barcodes, pictures and fine details and logotypes. This high-speed, single-pass four-color (CMYK plus white) UV solution combines an Atlantic Zeiser controller and data preparation software with Xaar 1001 grayscale print heads,  producing stunning quality at a high resolution of 360 dpi that visually appears to be as high as 1060 dpi.


Another Atlantic Zeiser end-to-end system solution is a conveying system with an integrated OMEGA™ 72HD print engine. During FESPA, Atlantic Zeiser will demonstrate an application for achieving outstanding quality when printing on plastic rulers. This emphasizes the versatility of Atlantic Zeiser’s integration modules like print engines and the benchmark in quality printing on porous and non-porous substrates.

3M Alliance for high-quality substrates

Atlantic Zeiser’s alliance with leading substrate manufacturer 3M will also be featured at FESPA. This alliance adds a high-quality label stock provider that complements the Atlantic Zeiser product range for UV inkjet label printing. During FESPA, Atlantic Zeiser will showcase 3M’s new digital label stock that is designed specifically for UV inkjet printing.

“The new 3M digital label stock for UV inkjet printing complements our comprehensive high-performance range of label materials, meeting the needs of almost any label application,” said Vera Witte, German Product Manager for 3M Performance Labels.  “This new UV digital label product, 3M 92913, is a matte silver polyester that combines superior printability for UV inkjet and excellent durability to abrasion and chemicals. Our co-operation with Atlantic Zeiser has helped us develop products and solutions that meet customer needs for high-performance label applications. UV inkjet printing combined with LED curing offers significant advantages to converters, and 3M is pleased to be contributing to this advancement in the narrow-web label printing industry.”

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About Atlantic Zeiser

Atlantic Zeiser helps industrial customers to increase the cost efficiency, brand value and quality of their products within the production and logistics chain. The company achieves this by employing highly efficient digital solutions for the printing and coding of frequently changing content on such products. Atlantic Zeiser specializes in digital printing on challenging substrates, i.e. with low adhesion capacity for print colours, while delivering offset-like quality and production speed. In the three segments Digital Printing & Coding Solutions, Card Systems and Banknote & Security Printing Systems, the company develops, manufactures and distributes technologies as well as integrated solutions for industrial producers throughout the world. Atlantic Zeiser supports its customers through nine subsidiaries as well as distribution and support offices in some 50 countries.