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In order to  provide winemakers and bottlers with clear and concise technical information on selecting and applying self-adhesive labels Avery Dennison has launched a 16-page illustrated technical guide to self-adhesive wine labelling, which is free to download via the company’s dedicated Fasson® self-adhesive wine labelling portal,
A fine label begins with quality labelstock. This extremely practical, easy to understand, full colour guide aims to help wineries achieve the consistently high quality labelling that is expected today and which befits the fine and precise craft of the winemaker.
Self-adhesive vs glue-applied labels
The Fasson Wine Labelstocks Technical Guide explores the many advantages of self-adhesive labelling versus glue-applied labelling – advantages such as design versatility, substrate variety, simpler and cleaner application systems, and superior end-use performance.
The guide further summarises the differences between the two technologies, and provides step-by-step instructions for converting from glue-applied to self-adhesive labels, along with guidance in selecting the right facematerial (eg paper or film), adhesive and release liner to suit the desired visual effect and functional requirements.
There is also essential advice on creating the optimal label application conditions, along with tips to assist in overcoming widely experienced issues such as condensation or irregularities on the bottle surface and label ‘bubbling’. In addition, the problems specifically and commonly experienced in bottle neck labelling are discussed and recommendations made.
Testing methods are provided to ensure the labels have adhered correctly and will remain looking their best  – even after exposure to the fridge and ice bucket.
All-round information for wine producers
The Fasson Wine Labelstocks Technical Guide summarises how, for wine labelling, self-adhesive labelstock is uniquely able to deliver the complex, high-quality print and diecutting that the market expects. At the same time, it offers detailed technical advice on how best to choose and apply self-adhesive labels to maintain vital functional performance under a variety of conditions.
‘Fasson-brand  self-adhesive labelling technology from Avery Dennison offers wine producers a more impactful way to present their brands to the market,’ says Avery Dennison Wine/Spirits Product Manager, Fabienne Rodrigues.    ‘As an innovative alternative to other labelling technologies, self-adhesive labelling boasts an array of benefits such as versatility, improved shelf-appeal, functionality, better end-use performance, capital and operational efficiencies and simplified operations.
‘With the Fasson Wine Labelstocks Technical Guide, wine producers and bottlers can confidently make the switch to self-adhesive labelling. It is an excellent source for all the practical aspects concerning labelstock choice and application. It is designed to help wineries get the premium look their wines deserve.   After all, wine is a lifestyle product.’