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BPA- and melamine-free protecting varnish for flexible packaging

A globally leading manufacturer of specialty packaging coatings, ACTEGA Rhenania GmbH has developed a water-based protecting varnish for flexible packaging that is in accordance with FDA requirements for direct and indirect food contact.

Customer requirements for legally compliant finishing coatings to be used on pharmaceutical blisters, menu trays, yoghurt or membrane lids for children’s favourites such as chocolate milk are highly demanding. ACTEGA has been taking on their responsibility very seriously and - by comprehensive quality measures and constant research efforts - strives for permanent adherence of the highest safety standards with regard to systems that stay in direct or indirect contact with foodstuffs.

Upon several years of development a water-borne protecting varnish is now ready to hit the shelves. This varnish is entirely free of BADGE (Bisphenol A diglycidyl ether), BPA (Bisphenol A) and melamine resin. Moreover, it does not contain any PVC copolymer, phthalates, and other plasticizers. At the same time VOC-containing organic solvents were limited to a total amount of less than 10%. All employed raw materials comply to FDA §175.300.

As of such ACTEGA is introducing a trend-setting water-based protecting varnish which is perfectly suited as a finish for flexible packaging being directly or indirectly exposed to foodstuffs.