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Cristal-Lefortovo Introduces ‘Winter Road’

Cristal-Lefortovo, a leading Russian distillery, expands its portfolio by launching its new refreshing vodkas ‘Winter Road’. Claessens|Cartils was asked by Cristal-Lefortovo to develop the brand presentation for this new product development.
Adhering to the name of the products, the designs needed to tell the story of changes in mood (peace, patience, contemplation, pleasure) experienced on the long road home on a winter day. To tell this story the new designs found their inspiration in the natural beauty of the countryside after a snowy winter day.


Using natural blue and white colours for the illustration, which is visible through a window effect, the theme of a cool refreshing vodka distilled with the clearest and purest of waters is clearly communicated to the consumer. The window effect looking at a warm cosy house at the end of an icy road successfully stirs the emotions in the consumer and the use of a snow crystal in the logo further strengthens the winter theme. Finally, the use of gold and attention to detail was implemented throughout the design to express premiumness in taste and quality of the products.