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HexaLite 29/25 introduced at NAYA WATERS/Canada

Light weighting of packaging is a core target of the industry in general, which falls in line with cost reductions, but also follows the internal sustainability guideline of many companies today—saving of non-renewable raw materials by using less packaging material and therefore support the reduction of CO2 emission (greenhouse gas effect).

Since 2005 Canadian Water Filler NAYA WATERS has taken steps to reduce plastic in their bottles and closures. They turned to BERICAP North America to meet their closure requirements and finally converted two filling lines to BERICAP’s 29/25 HexaLite® closure end of 2009.  The transition into the 29/25 HexaLite® closure went off without issues.

After DANONE Turkey, NAYA WATERS is another filler persuaded of the positive aspects of the HexaLite® 29/25 closure.

The still water market is the defined target for the BERICAP HexaLite® closures.  The HexaLite® range exists as HexaLite® 26 FB, suitable for light weighted 26 mm neck finish and the HexaLite® 29 FB, suitable for a light weighted 30 mm neck finish. All HexaLite® closures are equipped with a slit and folded safety band (Flexband) for efficient TE performance, reliable and forgiving application on high-speed lines. The cost saving to convert from a 30/25 neck and closure to HexaLite® 29/25 will save ~33% of resin in the neck and closure weight.

A conversion of the existing 26.7 mm neck and corresponding closure, predominantly in North America, to the HexaLite® 26 FB did start already, picking up production in August 2008 and has become an extreme success. Important market player have either decided to switch to HexaLite® 26 FB and will take the advantage of significant resin (~40% for neck and closure) and therefore cost savings or are on the way to convert in a foreseeable time.