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More FINAT Awards to Skanem!

Skanem has again received recognition for producing quality products. During this year’s annual FINAT competition Skanem received a total of 7 major prizes and 19 Highly Commended diplomas! A great achievement for the Group and the sites involved. Again we are proving our commitment to always deliver the best possible products to our customers.
The Skanem winners 2010:
Skanem UK, Liverpool
Group A Winner: Marketing and End-users
Label: ‘Palmolive Sublime Purity’
The “no label look” label from Skanem Liverpool for Palmolive Sublime Purity got the following comment from the jury: “A very nice “no label look” label. It expresses the softness of the product along with the authority of the brand. Nice emotional visual effect which evokes purity. The label matches the product in colour and makes the central white words stand out against the filling.”
Skanem Skurup AB
Category Award: Marketing and End-users;
Industrial Product
Label: ‘Mobil 1 New Life’
Jury’s comments included: “A bold label which is unmistakeably Mobil. Very authoritative and expresses quality. An interesting background design sets this label apart from the normal oil products. The racing car adds even more credibility. A nice flexo job.”   
Skanem Skurup AB
Category Award: Marketing and End-users;
Promotional Coupons
Label: ‘Pokémon’
The jury mentioned the following regarding this label: “A colourful way of attracting the attention of children. A whole range of characters from the Pokémon Nintendo series. The recognisable logo adds to the “real one” guarantee. Nice in register printing gives the sticker a quality feel.”
Skanem UK, Liverpool
Category Award: Marketing and End-users;
Label: ‘Palmolive Sublime Purity’
Skanem Introl S.A
Category Award: Marketing and End-users;
Label: ‘Kampanj Arla Ko 670g’ (Peel’n Read Label)
This label got the following comments from the jury: “Small but beautifully formed is one way of descbribing this booklet. The offset litho printing is very good. The 5 pages compact down to take up the minimum space on the container. The illustration of the cow and the cat are very natural.”
Skanem Hobro A/S
Category Award: Printing Processes;
Digital Printing
Label: ‘Vikingsild'
Jury’s comments for this label was: “An atmospheric label showing the Vikings braving tempestuous ocean. A very busy label with plenty of information about the product. Printed digitally on metallised paper gives the label a quality lift without the expense of gold foiling.”
Skanem UK, Newcastle
Category Award: Non-Adhesives Applications
Label: ‘Ocean Pure Hot + Spicy King Prawns’ (sleeve).
The jury said the following: “A nicely produced label with recognisable branding. Well printed with excellent illustrations of the product. The label is well balanced with plenty of white space giving a quality feel to the result and an eye catching result. A good representation of flexo printing.”
19 Highly Commended diplomas!
Skanem was also awarded several Highly Commended diplomas:
Skanem Hobro: 8 Highly Commended diplomas
Skanem Liverpool: 2 Highly Commended diplomas
Skanem Introl SA: 4 Highly Commended diplomas
Skanem Bangkok: 1 Highly Commended diploma
Skanem Cardiff: 1 Highly Commended diploma
Skanem Skurup: 3 Highly Commended diplomas
Some of Skanem’s winning labels will also be entered into the World Label Awards competition that is taking place in conjunction with Labelexpo in Chicago (US) later this year. From last year’s FINAT award winners, two of Skanem’s entries became a World Label Award winner. The WLA Award winners were Skanem Hobro’s Flexo Wines/Spirits “Riders Hill Shiraz” Label and their Screen Line “Define Styling” Label.
FINAT, founded in Paris in 1958 and headquartered in The Hague (The Netherlands), is the world-wide association for manufacturers of self-adhesive labels and related products and services. With 600 members in over 50 countries around the world, FINAT has much to offer to label converters and all suppliers to the labeling industry in terms of information exchange and the opportunity to network