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Podebradka Introduces New Pomelo Flavour

Poděbradka Ltd. is a leading Czech company in the flavoured mineral water market. They were among the first companies to diversify their portfolio by entering the flavoured water segment, a rising trend seen around the globe, which today accounts for an already outstanding 22% of the Czech soft drink market.

To meet consumer needs and to further strengthen their position in the market, Poděbradka Ltd. extended the range of their best selling brand ‘Poděbradka’ with the introduction of a new flavour – Pomelo.


Claessens|Cartils was asked to develop the new 1.5L PET bottle label design and 6-pack shrink-wrap to be in line with the existing range – Lemon, Orange, Lemon & Lime, Plum, Cherry, and Passion Fruit – whilst strategically looking at giving it distinctive characteristics that would set it apart from other flavours for easy recognisability, but still respecting the existing corporate brand architecture.

With a unique light blue colour and fruit compilation, Poděbradka Pomelo was successfully introduced on the Czech market.