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ROTOCONTROL to showcase latest features of RSC Slitter Rewinder Inspection Machine at 5i Conseil Open House

ROTOCONTROL RSC Slitter/Rewinder Inspection Machine to be demonstrated at 5i Conseil

ROTOCONTROL today announced the latest features of the economical RSC Slitter Rewinder Inspection Machine will be demonstrated at 5i Conseil's open house in Sainte Ménéhould, France on June 24th.

15 business partners will be on-site demonstrating their latest technology including the Gallus ECS 340 press based on a robust core of technical granite, the Advanced Vision Technology Helios 100% vision inspection system and the Domino inkjet for numbering and personalizing labels. TMT Labels, the exclusive distributor of ROTOCONTROL product in France, will also be in present.

Features of the ROTOCONTROL RSC Compact Slitter Rewinder Inspection Machine to be demonstrated include moveable operator console, motorized slitting control, fully automatic tension control including acceleration and deceleration, and 100% AVT vision inspection. Converters are invited to bring material for an in-house test run.

About 5i Conseil
5i Conseil is a team of professionals providing comprehensive expertise in printing processes, packaging, materials and on production management. Geographically mobile, we are responsive to all requests from our customers, including customized training, technical consulting or development. By providing all the tools needed to recruit and train your staff, we prefer the alternating sequences of theory and practice, ensuring better learning. The use of industrial equipment in our two training centers can provide services tailored to your specific needs.

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ROTOCONTROL designs and manufactures leading edge inspection, slitting, rewinding and die cutting finishing machines for the narrow web industry.  Available globally, ROTOCONTROL offers machines from smaller basic rewinders to feature rich, sophisticated models with multiple options. All utilize S-Drive Servo Technology enabling maximum web control for the most delicate film and foil materials.  Headquartered in Ahrensburg (Hamburg), Germany ROTOCONTROL maintains the highest level of product quality through ease of use, absolute control and flexibility. ROTOCONTROL is the partner of choice in the finishing of label products.

Eric JUDEK, Consultant with 5i Conseil commented, "We are pleased to host an open house for French-speaking Converters, to provide an opportunity for key narrow web industry partners to educate and demonstrate their latest technology. In addition to in-depth product presentations and live machine demonstrations, 5iC will also highlight how our consulting services can assist Converters with their overall project including customized training, technical consulting, development or testing and trials."

To register for the 5i Conseil open house on June 24th contact:

TMT Labels
Jutta Ranger
+33 1 5338 1010