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Royalty introduces Cocktail and White Spirits Ranges

Hooghoudt was inspired by the trend among young adults to celebrate at home and introduces its new line of RTD cocktail drinks (Mojito, Margarita and Cosmopolitan) and White Spirits for mixing and drinking pure (Vodka, Rum and Tequila). The Royalty assortment is offering all that is needed to have the going-out experience at home.

The brand presentation had to be inspirational for the target group and had to express a quality and international character whilst fitting the value-for-money proposition.

The reduced label design for the Royalty Cocktail range contributes to the brand aspiration. The designs are open, free and transparent to communicate purity and to give a premium look. The flowing shapes symbolize the various ingredients mixed together. Each flavour variant has its unique typography to strengthen product and taste expectations.


The White Spirits, found in the identical bottles as the Cocktails, follow the same brand architecture but contain a large letter in a unique typography on the front for distinction. The design is tailored to the roots and pure characteristics of the individual products.

The Cocktails were launched first and the White Spirits followed about two weeks later alongside advertising campaigns and a website ( whereon tips and recipes for delicious Cocktails can be found.