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SKINSLEEVER® tactile varnish: a revolution by SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL


SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL is today unveiling a genuinely revolutionary solution and showcasing a new facet of its innovative capacity. This 3D-effect, developed by SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL, features a new packaging dimension, namely, sensoriality, whose overriding purpose is to stimulate the consumers' senses and thereby get closer to them.

SKINSLEEVER® tactile varnish: a unique, consummately delivered process

This effect resides on the Helioflex® printing process, developed by SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL, which calls upon the mastery of several different printing techniques.

SKINSLEEVER® tactile varnish: an original, differentiation tool

The first application of this groundbreaking solution is Cricket lighters (Swedish Match group). The number 2 player in this market was determined to set the highly competitive lighter market on fire. Five series of 8 visuals were designed by Alpha Centauri Design), on a variety of themes, among which the Bling-Bling collection, which depicts illustrations that embody this eye-catching, glamorous universe. The 3D-effect makes it possible to boost the volume of visuals, on one hand, for example, plumped up lips, whilst, on the other hand, incorporating a striking, shiny and glittery finish. The lighter is metamorphosed into a fashion statement that consumers are keen to show off. The success of the first series has been such that Cricket is already planning sequels.