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X-Rite and Pantone Showcase New Technologies at Expoprint Latin America

X-Rite, Incorporated (NASDAQ: XRIT), the world leader in color management, measurement and communication technologies, and its wholly owned subsidiary Pantone, the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industry, will showcase their brand new line of print and pre-press color management solutions at Expoprint Latin America (Transamerica Expo Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil June 23 to 29). Visitors to the Coralis (B-3), Prepress (B-1), and Real Graphics (E-3) booths will be able to get demonstrations of the recently announced PrintCheck and PressOptimizer software, and PANTONE PLUS SERIES, the next generation of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM.

The new PrintCheck and PressOptimizer from X-Rite are designed for printers who want to print to international ISO standards using industry specifications for process control like G7 or PSO, or for those that need to set their own tolerances. The new, wizard-driven solutions allow print buyers and pressroom operators to simplify workflows and follow a job from contract to delivery and ensure quality consistency and standards compliance.

PrintCheck Reader: targeted at print customers and print buyers, this is a free downloadable software that lets users easily import print quality data for further verification of the printing quality by enabling a streamlined communication throughout the printing supply chain. In addition to the ability to remotely “watch over” their print jobs, print buyers can also supply their key accounts with PrintCheck Reader software, for improved, open and seamless customer relations from contract to print.

PrintCheck Review: targeted at professional print buyers (brand owners, advertising agencies, publishing houses, packaging designers) who want to be able to check the quality of prints themselves, PrintCheck Review is designed to be used in combination with an i1Pro spectrophotometer. PrintCheck Review supports the international standards ISO 12647-2 and 12647-3 (G7, SWOP, PSO), Japan Color as well as individual in-house tolerance metrics.

PrintCheck: Designed to meet the quality-control needs of small to mid-size offset printing houses, PrintCheck is optimized to work with X-Rite’s handheld spectrophotometers including 528, 530, SpectroEye and the EasyTrax and IntelliTrax scanning solutions. PrintCheck lets the printer know whether the press is operating within a defined standard. Based on one single measuring procedure, the software supplies all the relevant information concerning any given print job including printing density and print contrast, tone value increase and spread, primary and secondary colors, gray balance, ink acceptance, paper, slur and doubling.  PrintCheck also allows printers to compare various jobs, and run trends on job histories and press performance.

PressOptimizer: Ideal for mid size to large offset printing houses, PressOptimizer offers a very easy-to-use solution for effective process control and press standardization. PressOptimizer supports the ISO 12647-2, 12647-3 (G7, SWOP, PSO) and Japan Color international standards, as well as user-defined in-house tolerance metrics. Optimized to work with X-Rite’s EasyTrax and IntelliTrax automated scanning systems, PressOptimizer can significantly increase print quality, even on older presses; it allows users to achieve the same colors on different presses, and lets them produce repeat jobs rapidly while cutting costs (by reducing paper waste and energy consumption).  Thanks to a wizard-driven interface to guide them through the entire standardization and process control process, printers can easily determine the optimum printing density, analyze the gray balance, measure tone value increase and spread, check primary and secondary colors, generate CtP correction curves, control ink acceptance, determine the optimum print contrast, and measure control wedges for daily quality assurance with the PrintCheck portfolio.

Pantone’s new PLUS SERIES is the next generation of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® for multimedia graphic design.  It contains hundreds of new colors for greater design flexibility and contemporary impact, as well as several new features, such as chromatic arrangement for more intuitive color selection, an index to aid in specific color location, a ColorChecker® lighting indicator for finding the proper conditions for color evaluation, a ColorChecker primer for digital image color correction and PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software.

The company will also demonstrate the newest version of X-Rite’s EasyTrax, a semi-automated, highly affordable quality color control solution for smaller format color presses or those working in a primarily process color environment. The new version of EasyTrax now features support for Windows7, support of Japan Color libraries, an enhanced Wizard-style editor interface, and a series of easy-to-follow animated tutorials.

Visitors to the Coralis (B-3), Prepress (B-1), and Real Graphics (E-3) booths will also see and purchase X-Rite’s extensive range of color solutions including systems for profiling and calibrating monitors, printers and presses; proofing systems; pressroom quality control tools; dedicated flexography and package production solutions; and tools for overall process control and color certification of the digital printing supply chain.

About X-Rite

(NASDAQ: XRIT) X-Rite is the global leader in color science and technology. The company, which now includes design industry color leader Pantone, Inc., develops, manufactures, markets and supports innovative color solutions through measurement systems, software, colors standards and services. X-Rite’s expertise in inspiring, selecting, measuring, formulating, communicating and matching color helps users get color right the first time and every time, which translates to better quality and reduced costs. X-Rite serves a range of industries, including printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles, dental and medical.  For further information, please visit