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Designer Bottle Enhances Bluecol's Premium Heritage

Tetrosyl has commissioned RPC UKSC (UK Stock Containers) to design and manufacture custom moulded bottles for a major relaunch of its Bluecol brand of screenwashes and anti-freezes.


As the largest manufacturer of car care products in the UK, Tetrosyl supplies solutions both under its own brands and private label ranges in supermarkets and automotive outlets. Bluecol is the No.1 Premium Antifreeze brand and has cared for and protected engine cooling systems since 1937 – due to its high reputation, it was the choice of many makes of vehicles including Jaguar, Rover, Land Rover, Bentley, Hillman, Triumph and MG to name a few, as well as most of the major bus companies and commercial truck fleet operators.

The relaunch of Bluecol for the 2010/11 winter season sees the addition of several new products and redesigned labels across the entire range. Tetrosyl required a packaging solution appropriate to the relaunch that would enhance Bluecol’s on-shelf identity by standing out from the crowd, while maintaining the high standard of functionality expected by consumers.

The company has an excellent working relationship with RPC UKSC, who already supplied standard bottles for Bluecol as well as a custom designed bottle for Tetrosyl’s Carlube brand.

The bespoke container, blow moulded in white and clear HDPE, is available in 500 ml and 1 litre sizes. The design combines attractive curves with an eye-catching ‘collar’ around the neck of the bottle. A large labelling area enables Tetrosyl to make the most of the redesigned Bluecol branding, with prominent product information and the iconic Bluecol robin logo.

"RPC really takes on board the packaging concepts we want to bring to market, and worked closely with us to meet those expectations exactly,” confirms Richard Woodward, Product Manager at Tetrosyl. "The result is a bottle that underlines Bluecol’s quality and heritage.”