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EskoArtwork solutions and EskoMan come to the technology rescue at Labelexpo 2010!

Exhibit in booth 5202 focuses on new Suite 10 solutions for label and tag prepress and workflow,Kongsberg i-XE10 digital finishing system for labels and Digital Flexo solutions, featuring HD Flexo.

EskoArtwork (, a global supplier and integrator of innovative solutions for packaging and labels, with the help of ‘EskoMan', will demonstrate at Labelexpo Americas 2010, booth 5202, a number of technology ‘heroes’ — solutions that support Labelexpo’s theme of technology to the rescue for tag and label printers. Comprehensive, hands-on demonstrations will provide visitors extensive information to help them create and produce tags and labels more efficiently. In doing so, EskoArtwork brings its customers to new levels of industrialization and standardization to improve quality and consistency, and remove cost and time out of the design to print process.

“EskoArtwork has come to the call of many label printers who have needed help with their workflows and flexo plate production. No matter if you produce labels digitally, in offset, flexo, gravure or screen print, EskoArtwork solutions can help optimize costs, streamline workflows and improve quality and consistency,” remarks Mark Quinlan, President, EskoArtwork North America. “Our EskoMan character at Labelexpo reinforces that we master label and tag pre-production: from design to prepress and workflow automation, proofing, color, the printed and finished job, and beyond.”

EskoArtwork will be exhibiting Suite 10, a major release of its software solutions for packaging prepress, 3D structural design and quality assurance, collaboration and automation, and color management. Visitors can follow demonstrations of the new Automation Engine 10 and new version 10 releases of all editor applications: ArtPro 10, PackEdge 10, DeskPack 10, ArtiosCAD 10 and Studio 10. The workstation software is more integrated than ever, with Automation Engine 10, adding capabilities to the automation of repetitive tasks, and taking more human interaction out of the prepress production process. This avoids mistakes and saves considerable time and money.

Featured is Studio Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves, the perfect software solution for resolving the distortion of shrink sleeves, automating the design and prepress process in Adobe® Illustrator®. Its unique 3D approach tackles round and irregular shapes, and even multi-packs. Pre-distortion tools compensate for the complex combination of horizontal and vertical distortions that come with irregular shapes. Users can preview artwork on the screen as it is shrunk on packaging and share the result with their clients. They can make design corrections much faster, save time and material, and avoid rejects.


The second highlight on the EskoArtwork booth is its range of Digital Flexo solutions, comprised of its world leading range of Cyrel Digital Imagers for flexo plate making (CDIs) and related integrated software products. EskoArtwork’s groundbreaking HD Flexo technology uses high screen rulings and advanced screening to produce plates that print near-offset quality. At Labelexpo, the new version of HD Flexo will be presented. HD Flexo 2.0 delivers exceptional printing throughout the entire tonal range — dazzling highlights with gradients down to zero, stable midtones, and higher ink density solids. On display will be a CDI Spark 4835, imaging digital flexo plates up to 48” x 35”, which is perfect for small and medium volume label flexo plate makers and converters.


The company’s Kongsberg product line of CAM products for labels and packaging will also be represented with the automated Kongsberg i-XE10, a versatile and productive digital finishing system, perfect for all kinds of labels. Equipped with a newly designed stacker and sheet feeding system, the Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated finishes small-format, short-run digital printed materials, accepting sheets as large as 35.4" x 47.2". The redesigned sheet feeder system automatically loads and places the printed materials on the table. The automated stacker delivers non-stop sorting and stacking of the finished parts. The system also automatically removes waste. As a result, the machine can run unattended, saving significant man-hours.

EskoArtwork unleashes the power of information

During Labelexpo, Mark Samworth of EskoArtwork will be participating in two sessions discussing color topics of particular interest to label printers. One, ‘Color management - changing the way the industry evaluates color’ will explain how the EskoArtwork Color Engine ties into the G7 process, matching color to the preferred reproduction, and discussing hue, lightness and chromo. The other, ‘Extended gamut printing - it's not just CMYK any more’ will explain how to target a CMYK color standard, establishing plate curves and optimized solid color targets for added colors. Those interested in brand colors can learn about building an accurate spot color conversion library and assuring reproduction accuracy.

During the digital printing masterclasses, Kevin Peters, Application Sales Manager, EskoArtwork, will discuss digital printing prepress systems and strategies as they relate to color management, supply chain integration and workflow, and digital proofing.

In the Feature Area technology workshop, EskoArtwork will participate in the day of the life of a label converter. Different label jobs will be printed on variety of digital and flexo presses. The aim is to show attendees how to set up and run each narrow-web label press to optimize label print performance and quality; to demonstrate to them how to assess new product and market opportunities, and to compare print quality and performance across different print processes.

EskoArtwork teams up with other technology heroes

EskoArtwork understands that successful integration with other industry suppliers allows its customers access to complete solutions. EskoArtwork solutions are nearly omnipresent in digital printing for packaging and labels with an increasing number of digital press manufacturers operating with EskoArtwork workflow, RIP and color management software as an integrated Digital Front End. EskoArtwork will be demonstrating cooperative efforts with more than a dozen partners. Reflecting the technology trends in the industry, the focus of many of the partnerships will be on digital printing. Partners at Labelexpo include (in alphabetical order):

Agfa (5403): Labels printed on Agfa Ghandi digital inkjet printers can be digitally cut on an EskoArtwork Kongsberg finishing table.

Anderson & Vreeland (929), teaming up with EskoArtwork, has a long history of innovation and support for the flexographic industry. Its flexo plate and processing solutions work along with EskoArtwork’s CDI flexo plate imagers.

Codimag (3429), the French press manufacturer, will demonstrate the benefits of JDF integration for tag and label converters, with CERM’s MIS solution and EskoArtwork’s label and tag manufacturing workflow.

Domino Amjet (6523) partners with EskoArtwork and its workflow solutions for the N600 reel-to-reel piezo inkjet label press.

DuPont (5403): DuPont is a long-standing EskoArtwork plate and plate-processing partner, since the introduction of the first CDI system in 2000. EskoArtwork digital flexo solutions will be presented together with DuPont Cyrel plates and processors.

Durst (5901) has added an EskoArtwork front end feeding its Tau 150 label press, with integrated RIP, color management and editing modules.

Epson (6551) digital presses along with EskoArtwork software solutions allow printers to offer fast turnaround times and shorter print runs, with versioning and customization. EskoArtwork FlexProof 10 supports the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 printer (with capabilities to print white), while the Epson SurePress L-4033A can be sold with an EskoArtwork digital front end.

HP Indigo (3223) and EskoArtwork have a strong, successful strategic partnering and pioneering relationship in digital print for labels and packaging. HP will be demonstrating HP SmartStream Labels and Packaging solutions powered by EskoArtwork. The design, prepress and workflow software is embedded in the front end of the HP Indigo WS4500 and WS6000 industrial presses. EskoArtwork will be demonstrating the digital print workflow it has developed with HP. This includes a seamless connection between MIS and web-to-print systems to Esko Automation Engine and the EskoArtwork Digital Front End solution, which ultimately drives HP Indigo presses.

J&V Imaging (5523) is a successful representative and integrator of EskoArtwork Digital Flexo — CDI platesetters along with supporting software solutions.

Pitman (5403): All EskoArtwork solutions are available from long-time distribution partner Pitman.

Stork Prints America, Inc. (529). Stork Prints digital presses use an EskoArtwork DFE for prepress workflow and color management.

Tailored Solutions (6017), Label Traxx, the print business management software for narrow web label printers and converters, can be linked with EskoArtwork Automation Engine and an HP Indigo press. Orders entered by users via are automatically transmitted directly to Automation Engine, where they are formatted for the particular HP Indigo production press.

Xeikon (6135) will be demonstrating EskoArtwork MIS and prepress workflow integration with its family of digital label presses. This will include CERM MIS feeding into EskoArtwork Automation Engine 10 for an automated, end-to-end solution for labels.

“By extending our partnerships throughout the entire label and tag supply chain, we strive to offer our customers integrated solutions that allow them to increase productivity, efficiency, quality and - ultimately -profitability," concludes Quinlan. "Labelexpo will demonstrate our ability to team up on many advanced solutions with a diverse range of industry partners."

About EskoArtwork (

EskoArtwork is a global supplier and integrator of innovative solutions for packaging, commercial printing, sign and display finishing and professional publishing. Its products and services help customers raise productivity, reduce time-to-market, lower costs and expand business.

EskoArtwork is the worldwide market leader with pre-production and collaboration software for packaging buyers, designers and manufacturers. The CDI flexo computer-to-plate imagers, Kongsberg short-run converting and signage finishing systems complete the portfolio for the packaging, label, signage and display industries.

The company also provides a range of workflow solutions for the commercial printing and publishing market, as well as the Enfocus suite of PDF tools for graphic designers and print production professionals.

EskoArtwork employs around 950 people worldwide. Its global sales and support organization covers Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific and is completed by a network of distribution partners in more than 40 countries.

EskoArtwork is headquartered in Gent, Belgium, and has R&D and manufacturing facilities in five European countries, the United States, China and India. The consolidated full year financials ended for 2009 with revenue of EUR 145 million and an EBITDA of EUR 23 million.

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