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Krones: product heating, labeling, packaging

krones At the Pack Expo, Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, will be exhibiting a demonstration unit featuring new tube modules for shell-and-tube heat exchanger systems. It’s not least the combination of smooth and cross-corrugated tubes that ensures maximized flexibility in terms of product viscosity. This design feature is crucial for handling products of different viscosities, from water-viscous to highly viscous. The combination of smooth and cross-corrugated tubes, moreover, offers an equally high degree of flexibility in terms of output adjustment: the system’s volume flow can be regulated from 100 to 30 percent to suit the product involved.

A second generation of modularized labelers
Modularized labelers have more than proved their worth in actual operation. Almost 500 modularized machines sold, with over 2,000 labeling stations, bear eloquent witness. As the company who originally developed the very first modularized machines, Krones has now design-enhanced the technology involved, and created its second generation of modularized labelers. With a series of tangible improvements, of course. These second-generation modularized labelers can be retrofitted to existing lines. At the Pack Expo, they are exemplified by a modularized labeler rated at 30,000 containers an hour and featuring three docking stations for cold-glue units. It dresses plastic sauce bottles in body and back labels, plus a deep-cone wrap-around label as a tamper-evident seal.

Nested packs with the Krones Variopac
Nested Packs may be the packaging option of the future. In the non-returnables packer, the containers are no longer packed in a linear configuration, but are each offset by half a bottle diameter to create the transport packs. The packs created by this nesting are more stable: they do not necessarily require a pad or a tray, or thinner film can be used. The space requirement on the pallet is up to 15 percent smaller, depending on the particular formation involved. Krones will be exhibiting a Variopac Pro TFS 70 at the Pack Expo, a machine that copes effortlessly with this new type of packaging.