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New Xeikon 3050 digital label press offers wider format at entry-level cost

Web widths up to 516 mm (20.3”) give greater format flexibility and throughput

Xeikon is introducing the Xeikon 3050, the fourth model in its dedicated range of digital label presses, called the Xeikon 3000 Series. The new press offers users an entry-level digital printing solution for applications that benefit from a wider web width capability.

“The Xeikon 3050 offers label converters an attractive entry-level investment into high quality digital label printing, with the additional flexibility of greater width,” says Filip Weymans, Business Development Manager Labels & Packaging. “It completes our Xeikon 3000 Series. We can now offer entry-level and high productivity versions in two print widths, all with the same high quality of printing.”


Maximum web widths

The flexible print width of the Xeikon 3050 allows customers to print according to the job requirements. Depending on their size, labels can be imposed more efficiently which results in higher throughput. The Xeikon 3050 can print on scalable web widths from 250 mm (9.8") up to 516 mm (20.3"), including the popular 330 mm (13") width. Label converters will benefit from this capability as they can now print labels of any size in the most profitable manner, while minimizing material waste and maximizing their productivity.

The press speed of 9,6 m/min (31.5 ft/min) can be maintained regardless of whether four or five colors are printed. Along with the other Xeikon 3000 Series models, the Xeikon 3050 is a LED-array-based digital press, printing at 1200 dpi imaging resolution. The full rotary printing, with variable repeat length, ensures that the printing speed is not affected by the label size nor the number of colors used. It guarantees maximum productivity and profitability.

The Xeikon 3050 is able to print on an unmatched range of substrates, including various self-adhesive materials such as co-extruded films, Bopp, PVC and PET, paperboards, paper with weights ranging from 40 to 350 gsm and transparent and opaque foils.

As with the other Xeikon 3000 Series models, the Xeikon 3050 runs the latest QA-I toner, which meets all the applicable FDA guidelines for indirect food contact under room temperature and less severe conditions as well as direct food contact for dry food substances containing no surface oil or fat under the same conditions. This toner also exhibits excellent lightfastness, as confirmed by independent lab tests.

Xeikon 3000 Series of high-end digital label presses:

The other members of the Xeikon 3000 Series are:

  • Xeikon 3030, an entry-level press with the latest engine enhancements, maximum 330 mm (13") width and 9,6 m/min (31.5 ft/min) speed.
  • Xeikon 3300, Xeikon’s award winning and best selling high-volume label press built for use with the most common web width of 330 mm (13”), but also capable of handling a web width as narrow as 200 mm (7.9"), running at speeds up to 19,2 m/min (63 ft/min).
  • Xeikon 3500, the flagship model with the wider width of 516 mm (20.3”) and the higher 19,2 m/min (63 ft/min) speed.

This wider 516 mm (20.3") format makes the Xeikon 3050 and Xeikon 3500 particularly versatile digital label presses as they are capable of printing additional applications such as short run packaging work on carton board up to 350 gsm.

“All Xeikon presses are designed to be upgraded, which prevents obsolescence,” Weymans concludes. “Any of the entry models can be field-upgraded to the higher specifications. So a printer can enter the digital label market with the Xeikon 3030 (max. 330 mm/13" width) or Xeikon 3050 (max. 516 mm/20.3" width) and – when business grows– upgrade to the higher specifications. A Xeikon 3030, for example, can be upgraded to the faster Xeikon 3300 or to the wider Xeikon 3050/3500 models.”

The Xeikon 3050 will be commercially available from Q1 2011.

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