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Novamelt-Jowat LLC has broken ground on a new factory expansion project.  The expansion will effectively double the size of their manufacturing and storage facility.  The original factory was completed and started producing finished product to customer order in early 2006, and is in addition to the customer demonstration lab, adhesive R&D, quality and testing labs, and administrative offices located next to it.  The expansion should be completed by December 31st, 2010.

“We simply outgrew our current capacity and are now excited to be investing to support the growing demand of our customers”  says Jim Auber, General Manager, Novamelt-Jowat LLC.  “This investment underscores Novamelt’s dedication to our customers in both the North and South American markets” continued Auber.

About Novamelt-Jowat:

Novamelt-Jowat LLC is a market leader in high performance adhesives for label, tape, medical, hygiene, and industrial products manufacturing.  Novamelt-Jowat offers a comprehensive line of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives, UV-curable, UV-polymerising, and laminating adhesives.  With manufacturing and in-hadouse R&D as well as application laboratories in North Carolina and Germany, it is our standard to provide the highest quality, customer-oriented, custom formulated products and process solutions.  Novamelt-Jowat LLC was founded in 2005 as a joint venture between Novamelt Germany and Jowat Corporation.