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Punch Graphix announces strong growth across all lines of business

Punch Graphix, holding company of the Xeikon and basysPrint brands, published its mid-year financial report today with considerably strong revenue and profit growth for both its equipment and consumable business.

“Our recurring digital print consumable revenue is up significantly by 21 %, proving Xeikon customers are growing their business and are printing more jobs due to the greater application reach our products can offer," Says Wim Maes, CEO of Punch Graphix. "Our equipment sales is up 23%, as new business partners around the world discover how our solutions bring them considerable advantages over their competitors and generate real profits in today’s challenged markets. Additionally, our prepress business unit is up over 30% illustrating the markets’ desire for a cost-effective UV analog solution! Our numbers are strong and reflect a solid performance around the world. I’m proud of the achievement of our team!”

Business results are up across the board!

Maes continues: ”An increase of 18% in turnover (66 mio EUR in H1 2010 vs. 56 mio EUR in H1 2009) and a strong operational cash flow growth of 151% (from 4,9 mio EUR to 12,2 mio EUR) are numbers to be very proud of in any business today! They confirm the fact that Punch Graphix’s business units have succeeded in matching their operation costs with the activity level, while implementing further efficiency improvements. Overall, we’re up 19% both in Europe and in the US, and our investments in distribution channels in the BRIC areas are also bringing results! ”

Segmentation approach pays off

Xeikon, the world renowned innovation leader in digital print solutions, has been specifically focused on the industrial and document printing segments. Its solutions approach includes a choice of high-performance digital presses, a fully integrated digital workflow, application-tuned toner and professional finishing equipment. Over the years, Xeikon has also built up extensive knowledge of print media, teaming up with partners worldwide. At Ipex earlier this year, Xeikon scored high in commercial deals for both segments.

Digital label printing reaches new productivity and sustainability levels

In the industrial printing segment, the main focus is on label production. Most benefits come from the potential growth markets like China, India, Mexico, Brazil and Eastern-European countries, in which Xeikon continues to develop its dealer channels with success.

The new Xeikon 3500 digital label press is the most profitable digital toner-based press on the market today. Capitalizing on its core competences and domain expertise, Xeikon developed and introduced a specific QA-I toner for the label and packaging markets, that excels in lightfastness as well as in meeting the FDA guidelines for indirect food contact and direct contact with dry food substances that contain no surface oil or fat.

Innovation in Document printing

For Document printing, Xeikon recently introduced an upgrade option to increase the productivity of its Xeikon 8000 flagship solution, enabling its users to achieve an unprecedented 260 ppm, with stunning photographic quality. Here too, Xeikon developed and introduced new toner generations, specifically tuned to the document printing requirements in terms of productivity, quality and ecology.

basysPrint going strong

BasysPrint, the worldwide leading brand in conventional UV-platemakers inside the Punch Graphix group, spearpoints the success of conventional printing plate production. That is no surprise since it offers print shops around the world unbeatable advantages in cost control, quality and sustainability. Worldwide success is based on a strong and extensive dealer network.

About Xeikon

A pioneer in digital printing, Xeikon designs, develops and delivers high-end digital colour printing systems for the industrial, document and commercial printing market segments. These systems are composed of advanced web-fed printing engines using LED-array-based, dry toner electrophotography, open workflow software, exclusive toner and other consumables. Xeikon’s production and R&D operations are based in Belgium and its solutions are distributed and supported through a worldwide sales and service network. Xeikon is a division of Punch Graphix. For more information, visit

About basysPrint

basysPrint, a division of Punch Graphix, is the inventor of UV-CtP and has been offering internationally proven systems for the digital exposure of conventional UV printing plates for more than 10 years. These systems are characterised by a high level of economic efficiency for print companies of all sizes. Through the use of UV plates, users are able to benefit from a stable and environment-friendly production process delivering ultimate imaging quality. Detailed information is to be found at:

About Punch Graphix

Punch Graphix provides innovative, competitive and environmentally friendly imaging and printing solutions for the global graphics industry. Under the Xeikon brand name, Punch Graphix designs, develops and delivers high-end digital colour printing systems, software and consumables for the commercial, document printing and industrial markets. Under the basysPrint brand, Punch Graphix designs, develops and delivers mid to high-end UV-CTP imaging systems for the offset prepress commercial markets. With a clear-minded focus on R&D, Punch Graphix is dedicated to customer satisfaction and aims to deliver cost-effective graphic excellence that goes beyond all expectations. For more information, visit