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Aqua Anna water in glass

The company Aqua Nova, a known producer of infant water under the Aqua Anna brand, has decided to offer consumers an alternative and, apart from PET bottles, also bottle quality water in glass.


Aqua Nova chose to cooperate with the glassworks Vetropack Moravia Glass in producing a lighter bottle with an optimum volume and weight ratio. The bottle filled with infant water weighs almost a kilogramme, so a pack of 6 bottles will not weigh more than 6 kg and will be very easy to handle. Besides this the bottle can be easily closed and stored in the fridge thanks to it screw top. The 0.7 l bottle of clear glass and a simple transparent label underlines the purity and total natural nature of Aqua Anna water.

When purchasing water in glass, consumers should be convinced that glass provides perfect protection for its contents and is an excellent container in terms of safety. It is totally inert (impenetrable), so it is the best container to retain the taste and quality of the water. There are no substances in glass which can enter the water. Moreover, glass is an ecological container which can be fully recycled.
Aqua Anna infant water is suitable for expectant mothers and the right development of babies and toddlers. Thanks to its top quality small children can drink it without boiling it first and is also good for use in the preparation of baby food. Aqua Anna infant water is drawn from a protected underground lake. The source of Aqua Anna infant water is one of only a few in the Czech Republic to meet the strict requirements for infant water. Aqua Anna is not treated in any way, not even by permitted UV-rays. It has the optimum composition: the lowest content of sodium found among bottled water, ideal content of calcium and adequate minerals. The microbiological and chemical parameters in infant water are far stricter than in ordinary water.
Aqua Anna water can be ordered at with free delivery.