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Edrington Group choose STO

EDRINGTON- prestige_09 Stölzle Flaconnage UK were asked by the Edrington Group to develop a new bottle for limited release editions of Highland Park, their award-winning single malt whisky.

The result is a bottle with a timeless outline suggestive of the ancient runic imagery that are part of the culture of the Orkney islands where Highland Park has been distilled for over two hundred years. The bottle has been produced in black feeder colour to a high visual standard. As a final touch, incorporated into it as part of the production process is a solid metal badge depicting the Highland Park imagery.

Alongside the bottle for these aged vintages, STO-Flaconnage has also developed one in the style of the late nineteenth century to complement the Earl Magnus Highland Park Limited Edition. Traditional imagery was again drawn upon. The bottle, shaped with a proud shoulder plinth, has been produced in a special dark, feuille mort feeder colour glass that features an aged surface effect.