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Kodak to Unveil Two Newspaper Plate Systems at IFRA Expo 2010

Newspaper print service providers can now reduce their environmental impact without compromising performance thanks to new chemistry for the KODAK VIOLETNEWS GOLD and THERMALNEWS GOLD Digital Plates from Kodak. The company will launch the KODAK 1090 Thermal Plate Developer, and KODAK 206 Violet Plate Developer and KODAK 206R Violet Plate Replenisher, at IFRA Expo 2010.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to discuss with Kodak experts the KODAK VERSAMARK VL4200 Printing System and KODAK PROSPER S-Series Imprinting Systems, which are ideally suited for newspaper applications, in addition to other publishing and commercial applications. The company will also be showcasing the KODAK COLORFLOW Software with Ink Optimizing Solution and the KODAK NEWSMANAGER Workflow System.

The event is a major fixture in the newspaper and media calendar. This year’s show takes place 4 – 6 October 2010 in Hamburg, Germany. Kodak can be found in Hall 4 - Stand 4.620

Open new business opportunities

KODAK THERMALNEWS GOLD Plates deliver very low developer consumption compared with visible light newspaper technology systems (silver or photopolymer). And with the launch of the KODAK 1090 Thermal Plate Developer system, Kodak has set the bar even higher. This developer delivers a minimum replenishment rate of 30 mL/m2 and processes up to 20 m2/litre of total chemistry volume (bath fill and top-up chemistry).

The combination of low replenishment rates and a bath life of up to 8 weeks – depending on processor and plate volumes – allow the KODAK 1090 Plate Developer and THERMALNEWS GOLD Plate combination to be exceptionally cost effective and reduce waste, subsequently lowering the impact on the environment.

And when this innovative plate system is coupled with Kodak’s Thermal CTP Systems, users enjoy industry-leading process stability and consistency, high-resolution and accurate imaging, and easy process and developer control without needing to monitor developer activity (pH or conductivity). Plus, adapting hybrid or KODAK STACCATO Screening Technology (up to 36 micron) enables top-quality print jobs with fewer registration issues, as well as reduced ink usage on press.

Meanwhile, the new KODAK 206 Developer and KODAK 206R Replenisher coupled with KODAK VIOLETNEWS GOLD Plates means printers can achieve comparable chemistry savings and in some cases better than the “simple process” violet options available today. This new developer system isn’t reliant on high replenishment rates to maintain the pH balance, therefore users experience less processing variations and have a stable and consistent process platform.

Expand revenue opportunities with true digital newspaper printing

Kodak will present its KODAK VERSAMARK VL4200 Printing System through live discussions and success stories such as the Miller Malta and RotocĂ©ans installations at the show.  The VL4200 opens new opportunities such as timely remote publications and delivery with high-quality colour pictures and advertisements; the capacity to profitably increase the number of titles available and provide a wider choice; content localisation by cultural identity, postal code, or geographic area. The VL4200 allows you to capitalize on emerging market trends and open new revenue streams. With the KODAK PROSPER S-Series, Kodak will also be promoting its imprinting applications which provide the ability to add variable information on offset printed newspapers and magazines.

At IFRA Expo, the company is showcasing the COLORFLOW Software with Ink Optimizing Solution. It is the ideal solution for newspaper printers, as it reduces ink consumption while improving print quality through greater press stability. The COLORFLOW Software can be introduced virtually into any operation, providing printers with a complete color management solution.

The KODAK NEWSMANAGER Workflow System is a complete workflow management solution for newspaper production. The system automates and manages such tasks as page and plate manipulation, page pairing, proofing, annotation, job tracking, and platemaking and centralizes the management of an entire print site, including both newspaper jobs, as well as any commercial work. New updates to the KODAK NEWSMANAGER Workflow System include improved distribution, which allows for management and transmission of multiple files and plans across multiple print sites. This is a key feature for national publications with more than one print site or where there are difficult geographies to overcome.

Rinus Hoebeke, EAMER Newspaper Segment Manager at Kodak comments: “KODAK THERMALNEWS GOLD and VIOLETNEWS GOLD Plates now offer an equal or better reduction in chemistry consumption and wastage compared with similar developer systems, as well as “simple process” violet”.

“The two new KODAK Developer Systems require no investment in processing equipment, and enable printers to extend bath cycle times. Ultimately they enhance printers’ environmental profile without impacting performance – a crucial benefit in today’s quality-driven, environmentally aware newspaper industry.”

"Furthermore, with our VL4200 and Workflow Solutions we are able to expand revenue opportunities for the newspaper segment by providing a flexible end-to-end solution that helps improve the profitability of our clients' business."

Journalists are invited for a dedicated demonstration and drink on the new systems at the Kodak stand in Hall 4 - Stand 4.620 on October 5 at 15:00.

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