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The Label Printers Invests in State-of-the-Art Quality

The Label Printers, a manufacturer of custom labels and packaging, headquartered in Aurora, Illinois has just recently purchased the BST Promark Shark 4000 LEX 100% Inspection system, which examines 100% of the printed web 100% of the time.
Aurora, IL, August 13, 2010 – The Label Printers’ investment in a BST Promark Shark 4000 LEX 100% Inspection System will give them a state-of-the-art technical “eye” to augment their skilled workers and quality personnel’s “eyes”. The Shark 100% Inspection System can “see” mis-registers, color variations and hazing, dirty print, smudges, scratches, splashes and spots, web creases and wrinkles, hairs, die-cut variations and incorrect matrix removal, reverse type fill-in, and most streaks and debris. Plant Superintendent Tom
Erickson stated, “In addition to substantially increasing our ability to detect print defects, the Shark system will enable us to run our equipment faster than our current system does.”
Lori Campbell, Chief of Operations, is both pleased about the investment, and its  anticipated benefits to the company’s quality systems – as well as the fact that the suggestion and homework came from within the organization. “We’re very proud of our workforce and the care and attention they give to our quality – which our ISO Registration and 99.6% quality rating back up. But I’m equally proud that our manufacturing team
was actively looking for ways to make our quality better and give us that all-important competitive edge, with equipment that makes us better able to keep our processes in control and capable – a hallmark of Continuous Quality Improvement environments.”
And while Mr. Erickson may be the Plant Superintendent, The Label Printers’ team approach makes him aware of how investments in equipment like the Shark can pay dividends on the sales and marketing ends of the business. “This is a real selling tool for us,” he said. “Now we can offer our customers and prospective customers 100% inspection without relying on the human eye. And, in future, it could be used for authenticating serialized labels and barcode verification. It’s got great potential in variable printing – which
gets bigger for us all the time.”
The Label Printers is a leading custom label and packaging manufacturer, serving a widely diverse customer base around the globe – ranging from Fortune 100 to start-up businesses. The company serves industries as varied as wine, pharmaceutical, and electrical. The Label Printers takes special pride in their quality, which is backed up by their ISO 9001 Registration (with an acceptance rating which has stayed at a consistent and nearly perfect 99.6% since 1989).
The Label Printers, Aurora, IL, started in business in 1967, manufacturing simple label constructions in a 1,000 square foot space, with 1 employee, serving the local Chicago market.
Today, the company has evolved into one of the 100 largest converters in the United States. The Label Printers owns and operates two facilities in Aurora, Illinois, manufacturing and distributing labels and packaging products to thousands of
customers in 25 countries around the world. The company’s packaging products are certified to ISO 9001 standards, and their quality is backed up by their 99.6% Quality Acceptance Rating.
The Label Printers is a member of NASPO (North American Security Products Organization), CACP (Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy), TLMI (Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute) and the FTA (Flexographic Technical Association).