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Rotolabel tackles tough label-printing challenges with the HP Indigo press ws4500

When South African retail brand Woolworths, based in Cape Town, needed labels for a new cooking product line, Rotolabel was ready for the challenge. One of South Africa’s leading producers of self-adhesive labels, Rotolabel helped tackle the particularly tricky label run with the most powerful tool in its printing arsenal—the HP Indigo press ws4500.

“Our company specializes in high-quality label printing and has a reputation for providing dedicated, reliable service to its customers,” says Grant Watson, sales director at Rotolabel. “We purchased the HP Indigo press about four years ago, and Woolworths was just one of the food and wine retailers that were attracted to our new print capabilities.”

The challenge

Cooks’ Essentials—Woolworths’ new line of cooking oils, dessert sauces, syrups and glazes—called for sleek, premium labels with a metallic sheen, which can be difficult to print using analog presses.
“The challenge was to keep the metallic effect consistent across the range of different product labels,” explains Nigel Deary, creative and prepress director at Calibre Brand Solutions, Woolworths’ design and prepress agency. “We printed the first run on both the letterpress machines and the HP Indigo press ws4500. With the digital press, we found we had much better control.”
The HP Indigo press ws4500 uses HP ElectroInk liquid ink technology and a wide color gamut to provide exceptional and consistent print quality, making it ideal for printing metallic labels. Deary says there were additional benefits to using the HP digital press:

“It was also easier to use the HP Indigo press ws4500, as it was really quick to set up, and we were guaranteed the same high quality every time we printed something.”
Cost-effective short runs
The HP Indigo press ws4500 cost-effectively prints runs of as few as one and up to 50,000 labels. And fast turnaround times help customers get their products to market quickly.
“The cost-effective, short-run capability of the HP Indigo ws4500 means that we can print what our customers want, when they want it,” says Watson. “And also, we can provide them with proofs and conduct trials prior to production. This added value has helped Rotolabel stay ahead of the competition with unrivalled customer service.”
Eye-catching labels lead to success

The Cooks’ Essentials product line launched in Woolworths stores across South Africa and proved to be a winner.
“Woolworths found that the range was extremely popular with its customers, and I believe the packaging design played an important role in the products’ success,” says Catherine Bothner, groceries product developer at Woolworths. “The design clearly pulled the range of diverse products together and created a clear sub-brand on the shelves. The quality of the packaging and the overall appearance of the new products made them stand out as a high-end range and attracted the target audience instantly.”
“Two years on, we are still printing the labels for the Cooks’ Essentials product line, so that should be testament enough to the success of this range,” Watson concludes, adding:

“The results we were able to deliver for Woolworths would not have been possible
without our HP Indigo press.”