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Aluminium TC 40 and PP Double Gold TC 60

New special metals: embellish your reputation with unique effects

Two new faces, one solid aluminium, the other uniquely gold-metallized on both sides. Together they offer eye-catching, premium options for wines and beverages and a multitude of luxury-look and personal care products. Grab the attention you deserve with Aluminium TC 40 and PP Double Gold TC 60!


Aluminium TC 40 combines excellent ink adhesion on a on a bright solid metal face with a quality embossing result. It’s ideal for adding a highly distinctive selling touch to premium-look beverages and eye-catching luxury packaging.

PP Double Gold TC 60 presents the perfect opportunity to make a unique impression in beverage and wine, personal care and prestige goods labelling. This innovative material is gold-metallized on the front and reverse to give the most credible impression of luxury, especially with transparent liquids in clear containers.



The solid gold effect can also be used to good advantage by printing on the adhesive side; with a PET film liner and ultra-clear adhesive, PP Double Gold TC 60 delivers excellent results where reverse-side appeal makes the difference.