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Denny Bros focus on the green and functional aspects of packaging

Packaging experts from around the UK got together at the recently-staged Denny Bros Open Day event to discuss how to boost brand visibility, product functionality and sustainability with contemporary packaging ideas covering food, pharma, household, DIY and public sectors.

"Enhancing the Packaging Experience" looked at the production and supply of all forms of niche packaging including on-pack concepts such as the multi-functional booklet label Fix-a-Form. The event covered the creative strategies available that can help to maximise sales; and the various printed labelling technologies that can help to achieve long term brand loyalty.

Keynote speakers Andrew Streeter of Pack-Track and Doug Johnston of Packology discussed how companies are gaining competitive advantage by addressing the green packaging agenda; and outlined how to organise the most effective packaging supply routes to market.

Denny Bros experts detailed how to implement effective promotions on-shelf, how to include vast amounts of technical and legal information within the product offering, and how to roll out all important effective Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) campaigns featuring promotions powered by unique numbering and SMS links to websites.

Confident of the need for a conference that focuses on the very latest developments in packaging and packaging functionality, Denny Bros’ Sales & Marketing Director Stephen Jarrold said: "The event is focusing on brand embellishment at a time when many brands are suffering from a loss of consumer awareness. We have looked at some ideas that are being introduced around the globe, many to do with increasing the customer’s satisfaction with the product, and all conforming to the new push towards sustainable packaging."

"New green materials including PLA and board are replacing plastic and tin as we move towards products that are planet-friendly. These are being welcomed by consumers as are the new pack innovations that give new product benefits and value."

"Once the definitive pack is produced, on-pack info and promotions help to provide long term, sustainable sales uplift."

Doug Johnston of Packology added: "With so many excellent companies within the packaging supply industry, customers should accept nothing but superlative service, innovation and quality. A constant challenging of the status quo and awareness and sharing of future goals will lead to a consistently fresh relationship, and allow the best of the industry to show why they can excel."

"Companies are increasingly looking to their suppliers to be the ‘packaging division’ of their own business. With time becoming an increasingly precious resource, the requirement for suppliers to have clear focus on their efforts is greater than ever."

The Denny Bros 2010 Open Day event was the first of a new larger scale event which it is hoped will become part of the packaging sector’s official conference calendar.

The conference event was followed by a tour of the production facilities at our manufacturing headquarters in Bury St Edmunds with demonstrations of the just-delivered PDF checking system and a new inspection verification system which is helping to make further efficiencies with the processing of variable data.