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Label Lock security seals used by the AA and The Sunday Times to authenticate Guinness World Record

Journalists from the Sunday Times’ In Gear Publication together with the AA chose Labellock™ security seals to authenticate their recent Guinness World Record to drive the furtherest distance on a single tank of fuel.

Using a VW Passat Bluemotion 1.6 diesel, the team drove 1527 miles in France in August 2010 after the car was fully filled and the fuel cap sealed. A large no residue Label Lock was specified by the authorised AA inspectors as it can seal delicate surfaces such as car bodywork securely whilst indicating tampering without leaving a messy residue.

Images of the product can be seen in the 3 October edition of the Sunday Times.


Dr Adrian Steele, Managing Director of Security Labels International said “Congratulations to the team who broke this world record, and we were pleased to help ensure that the record was properly authenticated by the AA inspectors.”

The product is the result of years of development and investment by Security Labels International, the UK’s premier custom label company, who now supply Security Labels to a rapidly growing network of end users and distributors worldwide .

Label Lock™ labels are entirely manufactured in the heart of the UK by Security Labels International. The business employs 30 people and is growing rapidly following the launch of their new product and a move into the global marketplace. Products can be seen on the website


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