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The new generation of PAGO linear labelling systems

Pago is presenting its new generation of linear labelling systems: Extreme modularity and flexibility to handle individual labelling solutions are typical features of this innovative concept. The requirements placed on labelling systems differ from branch to branch and individual needs are becoming increasingly specific. Configuration possibilities often place limitations on traditional labelling systems. That is why Pago has developed its linear labelling systems on a completely new basis with the focus on modularity, flexibility, user-friendly handling and security.


Modularity right down the line

The size of the basic module of the new linear system line is already variable, so permitting a choice of length and width variants, depending on the particular labelling requirements. The sturdy base frame accepts all the necessary module assemblies, depending on the desired labelling functions and can also be associated with a full protective housing. Equipped in this way, the new system concept affords maximum security, good all-round visibility and the opportunity for further extension.Basisrahmen_200px








Handling all kinds of products and packages

A wide range of extension and add-on modules permits secure handling of all kinds of products and package shapes. Depending on the particular product features, labelling and performance requirements, a choice can be made between a wide range of modules for product transfer and also for product isolation and centering. Thanks to this flexibility, the new linear labelling systems concept covers many requirements for front and back labelling, complete or partial all round labelling and also for labelling from the top and bottom.

Labelling and marking

Dependable Pagomat labelling units ensure precise application of the self-adhesive labels. Depending on the desired machine speed, a choice of Pagomat types is available. For variable marking and coding, all kinds of modules such as inkjet printers, hot embossing units or thermo- transfer modules can be supplied.


Machine operation and handling

User-friendly machine operation and efficient handling of the label rolls are the key to

productive operation of a labelling system. For both areas, the new generation of linear labelling systems affords modern solution concepts. Firstly, with a choice of control and operating variants and, secondly, with new opportunities for roll changing without any interruption of the process. The roll can also be changed from outside the protective housing and from one machine side for both front and back labels.

Customised labelling technology

Thanks to the extensive modularity and flexibility of the new system concept, all kinds of machinery can be configured to meet the widest possible range of labelling requirements. For example, for front and back labelling of large and heavy products, for front and back labelling of shaped bottles, for all-round labelling of cylindrical products or for labelling from the top including lateral inkjet printing on folding pharmaceutical boxes. In short, there are no limits to the applications of the new system concept!

PAGO linear labelling systems for pharmaceutical applications

The pharmaceutical design of the new Pago linear labelling systems precisely matches the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and can be configured to meet customer-specific requirements thanks to a choice of pharma modules.