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Original1 and Schreiner ProSecure become cooperation partners in combating counterfeits

Original1, a joint venture between SAP, Nokia and Giesecke & Devrient, has been fighting against counterfeits and for the protection of brand value since the beginning of 2010. Original1’s activities are focused on making digital product authentication available around the world. Now the joint venture has started to receive additional support by Schreiner ProSecure, the specialist for marking and security solutions based in Oberschleissheim near Munich. The collaboration enables Original1 and Schreiner ProSecure to offer their customers a full range of products and services to successfully combat product piracy.

The platform-independent IT solution developed by Original1 creates transparency across the supply chain and enables seamless product authentication using cell/mobile phones and the internet. The system uses a central database containing information on the product and its supply chain history. ERP integration is provided by SAP, mobile code query management by Nokia and data encryption by Giesecke & Devrient. The collaboration with Schreiner ProSecure now extends this range of capabilities: the company develops and produces counterfeit-proof marking solutions with encrypted codes according to Original1’s Global Brand Protection Service (GPBS) standard. These codes can be integrated into ERP systems and the cleartext numbers optionally verified online by consumers.



Due to the combination of the various areas of expertise of the partners businesses receive a full system solution to protect their products and documents which can be integrated quickly into their existing processes and infrastructures. The lifecycle of a product from the time of manufacture all the way to the consumer can be completely tracked. The anti-counterfeiting service can be used around the world and offers businesses from any sector the opportunity to systematically counteract product piracy and to easily integrate the authentication of original products into their processes.

Original1 was founded in February 2010 as a joint venture between Nokia, SAP and Giesecke & Devrient with the aim of offering worldwide software-supported services for product authentication and protection against counterfeiting. Original1 offers solutions from a one-stop source to protect businesses from counterfeits, to preserve the value of their brands and to develop transparent work methodologies enabling sustainability. The aim is to secure the product across the entire supply chain from production all the way to the point of sale.