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PepsiCo investigates cellulose packaging for products

PepsiCo UK is investigating the viability of new compostable packaging made from renewable resources rather than plastic.

The new solutions may be based on starch (from potatoes), lactic acid (from corn) or cellulose (from trees). And each of these materials offer different properties in terms of look, feel, sound and protective barrier.

Cellulose films such as NatureFlex™ from Innovia Films provide a range of beneficial properties that differentiate them from other packaging materials. Cellulose film is effectively a form of transparent paper.

Its environmental properties include:

  • Derived from managed forestry sources
  • Suitable for a range of waste management processes including industrial and home composting
  • Energy recovery through anaerobic digestion

Packaging performance:

  • High gas and aroma barrier for product freshness
  • Moisture barrier performance to maintain crispness
  • Metallised versions improve the barrier to light and further enhance product shelf-life
  • Low 'crackle' and noise
"Innovia Films as leader in speciality packaging, labelling and overwrap films is enjoying increased interest and sales in NatureFlex which is based on cellulose from trees. We are working with leading companies like PepsiCo helping to bring the sustainability agenda from concept to products on the shelf."
Alexander van 't Riet, Global Sales and Marketing Director, Innovia Films.

About Innovia Films

Innovia Films Ltd is a major producer of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) and cellulose (Cellophane™) films with production sites in the UK, USA, Belgium and Australia. It holds a leading global position in the markets for labels and security films, coated packaging, overwrap and biodegradable and compostable films.

As part of its commitment to reducing its impact on the environment, PepsiCo UK is exploring alternative packaging for Walkers crisps and snacks, such as compostable crisp packets.