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Sacmi Verona is further strengthened, confirming the Sacmi Labelling brand leadership

Ermes Belicchi and John Pasqua join Sacmi Verona’s management team. By their side are working the historic managers of Sacmi Labelling: Maurizio Pedercini, Fabio De Stefani and Gianfranco Canteri
Through its Sacmi Labelling brand, the company continues to excel in the field of labelling solutions. Over the years, it has built up a cutting-edge production system and commercial structure able, firstly, to guarantee the best return on investment and adapt to the needs of the market, and, secondly, to present itself as a single source supplier of automated labelling machines for a whole range of sectors, from beverages and food to detergents, pharmaceuticals and packaging.

From today, Sacmi Verona can count on a stronger team, with the aim of confirming the leadership of the Sacmi Labelling brand.
The management team, composed by Fabio De Stefani - administration, finance, controlling and HR manager – Maurizio Pedercini – technical and R&S manager -  and Gianfranco Canteri – operations manager, has been complemented by two leading professionals such as Ermes Belicchi and John Pasqua.

Belicchi, with a long-standing experience of managing leading Italian companies, who joined Sacmi Labelling in 2005, is now appointed general manager.
His appointment is a significant one and indicates even greater concern for production quality, since from 2007 onwards, he was in charge of Sacmi Labelling’s production planning and its EDP systems.

Moving on from Belicchi’s appointment, which is testament to the company's increasing focus on technological innovation as the foundation for enhancing its competitiveness, we come to another key element in the conquest of new markets: the need to further maximise the efficiency of the company’s commercial structure. With this in mind, Sacmi Verona has appointed as its commercial manager John Bruno Pasqua, an Australian of Italian origin who has held prominent roles in the sales sector since 1992, also with leading Italian companies.

The choice of Pasqua is motivated by his extensive professional experience not only of sales in general, but also of the labelling business in particular. Pasqua started his career working on the commercial side of companies manufacturing labelling and packaging machines and went on to hold positions where he was responsible for entire geographical regions, in particular Europe and North America. He joins Sacmi after having held a prominent position at the Sidel Group, where, among other things, he had responsibility for commercial operations in the Americas, as well as for R&D and marketing.