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Unique Inkjet Printing R&D Environment Created with KODAK Technology at KCL, Finland

Kodak is staging an Open House event with KCL, a research service company for the paper and packaging industry, and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, a Finnish-based applied research institution. The organisations will create a unique inkjet testing platform at KCL, with the aim of improving existing products and developing innovative new solutions for the forest industry. The event is being staged in Espoo, Finland, on October 13 2010.

Kodak has installed at KCL a KODAK VERSAMARK VL2000 Printing System, and has mounted KODAK PROSPER S10 Imprinting Systems in a heat-set offset press. KCL will use the KODAK Technology to develop and test inkjet papers for a range of printing markets, including direct mail, transactional, book manufacturing, newspapers, magazines, and catalogs.

The installation of the KODAK Systems at KCL has enabled the organization to create a unique development environment – it means drop-on-demand inkjet printing and KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology, together with pulp preparation, paper making, coating, calandering and analog printing, can all be found under one roof.

Kodak customer Roto Smeets will also participate at the Open House event. The Dutch-based company is an early adopter of PROSPER S10 Systems, and produces magazines and brochures, which it will enhance with black variable printing at high speed in line with heat-set offset printing.

By having all the key players in the value chain present at the Open House event, the development and testing is set to result in new, better quality inkjet papers and print concepts.

Ad Sies, Business Development Manager DPS, Kodak EAMER, comments: “We’re creating a structured environment where everyone in the value chain can contribute. Because all the key players are involved in the discussions, we’re anticipating the outcome of the development and testing will be that much stronger. The results could have a far-reaching positive impact, affecting chemical suppliers, paper mills, paper distributors, printers, finishing equipment suppliers, as well as end customers.”

Raimo Pollari, Vice President, KCL Pilot Plant, comments: “Having so many innovative technologies in one place is an excellent opportunity to make significant advances in paper and inkjet print quality. We welcome the involvement of everyone in the print value chain, as it means the research will be more comprehensive and the results more beneficial to a wider range of companies.”

Diederik Fetter, Managing Director at Roto Smeets, comments: “Kodak understands the importance of incorporating the customer perspective when it comes to research and development. We welcome the opportunity to participate in the Open House event, as it will allow us to ensure the printer’s needs are reflected in the development and testing process.”

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