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Avery Dennison has upgraded the formulation of its high- specification hotmelt labelling adhesive to deliver a number of additional benefits for both end users and  converters. ‘Fasson S2045N is a truly versatile adhesive for “difficult” labelling applications’, says Kent Stobbart, Director, Product Management, for Avery Dennison Roll Materials Europe. ‘We have taken the “industry standard”  Fasson S0245 and added features that meet customers’ requirements in all arenas – for on-press runability, crisper diecutting, a wider range of application temperatures, improved ageing, and environmental credentials.’

The result of more than two years of research and testing, the ‘new generation’ Fasson  S2045N has ISEGA (Industrie-, Studien- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft) approval for direct contact with non-fatty foods, and is REACH (Registration, Evaluation,  Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) compliant. Now available as standard on all Fasson facestocks offered with hotmelt adhesives, S2045N is also offered with direct thermal film facestocks to meet the needs of bulk labelling in supermarket catchweigh

Targeting the major label markets

‘Food, home and personal care, and wine labelling applications on every type of  substrate, from glass to PE, fibreboard, and apolar substrates, will benefit considerably from the new formulation – in particular from its enhanced tack and long ageing characteristics’, says Kent Stobbart. He adds: ‘Converters will see substantial gains in on-press running speeds and in cleaner, crisper diecutting; adhesive is not as soft as other hotmelts, edge bleed is now on a par with emulsion and because the Fasson S2045 in its original formulation remains available for pharmaceutical labels and other markets where specification changes require formal acceptance.

The new Fasson S2045N actively supports a sustainable profile, both in environmental terms and in the context of today’s difficult raw materials supply market. ‘VOC content is vastly reduced in this formulation,’ says Kent Stobbart, ‘and we have taken extra care to source chemical constituents from supply sources who can guarantee continuing availability. Our customers need to know that they can rely on getting their labelstocks

Full details of Fasson S2045N are available via Avery Dennison Roll Materials Europe sales representatives, or visit the website at

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