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Beatson Clark - the flexible choice for Halewood International

When Halewood International wanted to test the market for its new Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer, Beatson Clark was the obvious choice.

Crabbies, which was launched at the end of last year, was propelled to iconic status as a desirable alcoholic drink, with sales exceeding all expectations. However thanks to its flexibility in production, Beatson Clark was able to respond and ensure a constant supply.


“The service we have received from Beatson Clark over the last year has been excellent,” commented Ian Duffy, Purchasing Director Halewood International. “They were able to supply us with a quality standard 500ml amber ale bottle to test the market for our new Crabbies brand, and reacted quickly and efficiently when demand increased, proving they are a supplier who you can rely on and one who really can react to changing market.”

Following on from this success, when retailers wanted a smaller bottle to market in a multi pack, Beatson Clark was also able to step in with its standard 330ml beer.

Halewood International is now launching a new adult soft drink in the same Beatson Clark 500ml amber ale bottle. ‘Iron Press’ is targeted primarily at men who require a soft drink but in a traditional masculine package.

“This is a perfect example of how Beatson Clark can provide the perfect solution to a variety of industries as a glass packaging provider,” commented Charlotte Taylor, Marketing Manager Beatson Clark. “Our extensive general sale range allows companies to test the market place for product acceptance before commissioning bespoke designs.

“We are more than happy to work on NPD projects at the test market and launch stages, in the knowledge that if they are hugely successful the brand owner may move them to a larger manufacturer.

“Alternatively, the sheer scale of choice in our general sale range often enables customers to be able to select perfect packaging from this keeping their design and innovation costs to a minimum.”

Crabbies has enjoyed extensive media and sponsorship coverage during 2010 which included sponsors at Loch Lomond’s Scottish Gold Open and as a partner at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival.