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Contact free printing and die cutting.

Hagmaier Etiketten & Druck GmbH has installed its first all digital production line which prints and die-cuts digitally. This system is the first UV-Inkjet ITS 600, manufactured by CSAT.

The print width is 210mm. With a 100% LED UV curing system complete curing is guaranteed up to apr├Ęs speed of 50 metres/minute. The print and laser cutting systems make it possible to achieve in-line duplex processing. The defect detection system corrects possible irregularities, before they become visible to the human eye. With a resolution of 1800 dpi (physical 600 dpi), the Kyocera  print bars, provide the highest resolution currently available for UV- Inkjet systems.

The smaller droplet size has a positive effect on the build up of printed colours which is still a challenge for UV Inkjet.

With this investment "Hagmaier", not only wants to print and die-cut paper, plastics and metal foils labels with its machine, but also produce two sided tickets with security features and codes for the first time using the digital printing medium.

Because only LED curing is used, the substrate is only heated slightly.(intermediate and main drying is by UV LED)

Energy savings of up to 90% are possible with this system Werner Hagmaier commented: "Compared to other digital printing methods, the costs and speed of printing make this a very profitable system."

The determining factor for investment in this prototype machine was the possibility of printing thermally sensitive material on both sides under "cool" conditions.

An additional option which can be installed before or after the print heads is a multiple laser die cutting and perforation system.

The machine is equipped with a large roll rewinder with a corona treatment system for cleaning the web and an automatic head cleaning system is included. This reduces the possibility of a reduction in UV-Inkjet printing caused by dust particles under the holder strip.

A technical feature of the ITS 600 is the ability to print nonstop, even in Start-Stop mode. This is an important reason for Hagmaier's cooperation with CSAT from Eggenstein in Baden.