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Drukkerij De Bie goes digital with the KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Press and KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System

Drukkerij De Bie has underlined its commitment to digital printing after investing in a host of KODAK Technology. The Duffel-based company has installed a complete Kodak package: a KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Press, two KODAK MAGNUS Platesetters and the KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System.

Drukkerij De Bie specializes in personalized calendars and mailings, commercial printing and magazines. Director Bart De Bie explains how the collaboration with Kodak began: “A few years ago, our existing CTP installation could no longer handle the required volume and we needed a new platesetter. After testing different a number of options, it was clear that the KODAK Solutions were highly competitive from a cost perspective and, crucially, the quality stood out from the rest.”


Drukkerij De Bie and Kodak enjoy a strong relationship. Twice a year, the printer organizes product demonstrations for communication agencies and other interested printers.

Smooth implementation

      Soon after investing in a KODAK MAGNUS Platesetter De Bie decided to implement the KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System: “During the initial phase, we ran our previous workflow system in combination with the KODAK MAGNUS Platesetter. This caused us no problems at all—which highlights the quality of Kodak’s digital technology—but we wanted to switch to the PRINERGY System so we could enjoy the cumulative effect of the KODAK Solutions. The implementation of PRINERGY System went flawlessly—all of our operators were using it without any problems in barely two weeks.”

Digital proves the right path

      De Bie believes that digital and offset complement each other perfectly: “The KODAK NEXPRESS Press offers excellent registration. You can print flat areas perfectly cleanly. This digital press also lets us create higher value products that inspire customers, especially with its four-color and dimensional applications. For example, a mailer that combines an extra ink or coating with a personalized greeting creates a striking impact. And the outstanding quality remains constant, regardless of the print run.”


      Drukkerij De Bie also attaches great importance to investing in ecologically responsible equipment, such as solar panels and heat pumps etc. “For an environmentally aware organization like ours, KODAK NEXPRESS Dry Inks presented another strong argument for choosing Kodak.”

Higher productivity spurs an increase in revenue

      The term ‘workflow optimization’ is taking on greater importance in today’s print world—and rightly so, according to Bart De Bie: “We invested in the KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System at the ideal time. The solution includes the KODAK INSITE Prepress Portal System for launching a job, which integrates seamlessly with the PRINERGY System. It enables complete control over each job at all times. The increased speed, automation and productivity free people up to work on different tasks.


      “Everything goes faster and more smoothly now. In short, we’ve seen productivity increase significantly. It’s fair to say that this investment helped us get through the crisis of 2009 largely unscathed.”

For De Bie, the investment in KODAK Technology has proved a resounding success: “The impact has been huge. Since implementing the new workflow solution there has been less reprinting. This means time and cost savings and happier customers. And the productivity increase has enabled us to get through more jobs, which means higher revenue.”

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